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    How To Increase Garage Door Opener Range

    Are you hoping you can open your garage door from your neighbor’s house to let your kids grab their bicycles?

    Do you wish you can access the door from several feet away to let your wife enter the house because she has forgotten the keys?

    We all want to improve our opener range since this is a common problem for all homeowners.

    Suddenly you find yourself getting frustrated after clicking the remote from your car, and nothing happens.

    To get rid of the problem, here are some ways on how to increase garage door opener range.

    Ways to Increase the Garage Door Opener Range

    We all want to say goodbye to the low range on our garage door opener, right?

    After all, garage doors should provide convenience to us, and the range is not an exception.

    Moreover, consider these tips helpful on how to increase garage door opener range.

    Replace the Opener’s Batteries

    Many people tend to ignore the battery on their garage door openers.

    The battery allows the opener to receive a signal from the remote.

    If you forgot about replacing, now is the time to do so.

    After all, it is the easiest way you can improve the range of your garage door opener.

    You need to change the opener battery every 3 to 5 years to make sure it’s still working.

    By doing this, you don’t have to suffer from a weak signal and prevent your battery from rusting.

    Buy a New Remote Control

    Old remotes wear out making it difficult to work with the buttons.

    Another issue with an old remote is that the metal securing the battery in place can bend over time, which causes the battery to pop out.

    With this, people tape the remote to secure the remote parts in place.

    Old remotes can have a damaged signal. If you’re having difficulty opening your garage door, check the light that is emitted by the remote.

    If the light appears every time you press the button, then it’s working fine.

    Otherwise, you need to replace the remote when the light does not appear.

    Install an Antenna Extension

    The most popular way to increase the range of your opener is to install an antenna extension.

    By mounting an antenna extension on top of your opener, you will be able to open and close your garage door from far away.

    If you’re not confident about doing this by yourself, you can always call for a garage door repair company near you to install the extension work for you.

    They might also give professional advice on how to increase garage door opener range.

    To install it, you need the following materials:

    • Screwdriver
    • Step ladder
    • Extension Kit
    • Small hammer
    • Opener batteries
    • Insulated Wire Staples


    • Since the opener is located above the garage door, use a step ladder to reach the antenna.
    • Remove the tabs and detach the cover from the antenna unit.
    • Unscrew the small wire antenna. Remove the one end of the antenna from its place.
    • Refer to the user manual on the antenna extension for installation.
    • Secure the bolts in place by using a hammer.
    • Attach the wire with insulated wire staples.
    • Mount the antenna extension bracket on top of the garage door opener. Make sure it is pointing downwards.

    Moreover, if you have installed an antenna extension and there seems to be a problem with it, you can watch this video to fix the problem.

    Remove Electrical Interference

    Since openers and remote use frequency, it can be interrupted with electrical components.

    You should watch out for components such as LED lights, television, and surge protectors that are near your garage door opener.

    These components can affect the range on your opener since it uses radio frequency, especially if you have problems with it lately.

    Other factors that can also interrupt the range are television stations, security systems, and near the airport.

    While it can be challenging to find the culprit that limits the opener range, the effort is worth it once you find it out.

    Make sure to note the subtle changes with your opener range when it’s near electrical components.

    With this, you’ll identify what electrical component is interfering with your overhead door opener’s signal.

    Consult with Vancouver Overhead Doors!

    If you have done the necessary steps on how to increase garage door opener range with no luck, count on Vancouver Overhead Doors to assist you.

    We’re experts in residential and commercial garage door repairs in Vancouver, including – garage door installation, maintenance, and replacement.

    Hence, we know how to deal with different types of garage door issues.

    What’s more, we offer emergency garage door services to receive our services promptly once you call us.

    Opener range issues can be problematic for your garage door. If all else fails, you can always ask us to assist you.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled How To Increase Garage Door Opener Range. Besides “How To Increase Garage Door Opener Range”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Vancouver Overhead Doors.

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