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    Garage Door Installation Vancouver

    Garage Door Installation Company in Vancouver

    For a fast and energy-efficient installation of your garage door, you need to have a professional specialist installer to do the work for you.

    In Vancouver, Vancouver Overhead Doors is the best solution for your garage door installation services.

    However, if you do the installation by yourself, you can end up with an expensive replacement and severe injury from a poor garage door installation.

    More often than not, garage doors play a vital role in your home security.

    With that. following the standard process during installation should help you avoid future repairs.

    Every garage has a unique garage door, door opener, and other moving components that make up the entire door system.

    Certain steps of the installation process may also vary depending on your garage layout and door model.

    The following steps will help you overview our time-tested and standard process in installing your garage door.

    Setting Up Your First/Bottom Panel

    Lay down the bottom panel on an elevated area where our team can access both sides.

    We will then locate the bottom brackets and slide it into place, lowering the bracket’s safety tabs onto the panel.

    Then, we will start installing each section’s middle hinges to allow the door to turn in the track.

    At the end of the door, place a hinge at each section.

    Drop the roller into the hinge to keep the door attached on the track.

    Attach the bracket at the bottom to easily wind the cable to the spring and lift it.

    Attach The Weather-stripping

    Now get the weather-stripping and fit it right on the bottom.

    Tilt it right into place, tap it up to fasten it right to the door.

    Get the bracket and lay it on top of the weather-stripping. Screw it through the bracket through the weather-stripping into the door.

    Our team makes sure that the weather-stripping is right in its place to keep the interior air in.

    It will also help you save energy on heating and air conditioners. Use the coarse thread lag screws.

    Placing The First Panel

    Take the panel and put it on the floor against the opening and then place it at the center.

    Take one of the wheels; put it on the bracket, and one on the hinge.

    Take the track and wrap it right around the two wheels, have a little bit of space between the track and the door.

    Lag the screw to the track of the frame. Do not screw the lags too tight in case the team needs to adjust the track later.

    Make the track parallel with the edge of the door and tighten the lag screw. The same goes for the next panel.

    Set Up The Spring

    Before adding your last panel, make the transition between the vertical and horizontal track.

    To do that, screw it in place and then put the last panel. Install the hinge and screw it.

    Next, install the spring that will help pick your door up.

    Before you attach the spring, you must try to pick the door up physically.

    To keep it from coming down, use your vise grips and lock it to the track.

    You can access the bottom and attach the cable to the bracket that goes upright through the pulley.

    Take the end of your line and put it through the pulley of your spring.

    Tighten it up slightly and then take the cable’s end through the bracket and follow through.

    Put an S-hook and install it on the track.

    To make sure that the spring can manage the tension, put a cable into the spring center for safety, and attach it to the bracket.

    Check Every Part Of The Garage Door

    Make sure everything is intact. Check all the screws and every bracket.

    Tighten the loose screws and brackets to avoid future problems.

    Try to open and close it and see if your garage door does not hum or make a grinding noise.

    Installing the garage door needs manpower and knowledge about the installation process.

    Remember that installing it all by yourself can be exhausting and a bit risky.

    If you do not feel comfortable installing it by yourself, call an expert.

    You must at least have one to two helpers. If you still encounter problems despite following all the steps, call a professional garage door repair specialist in Vancouver to iron out all problems.

    You might need adequate garage door skills if you want to install a garage door yourself.

    A good recommendation is to find the best garage door repair company in Vancouver, and Vancouver Overhead Doors is your best partner for any garage door installation projects.

    Contact us at (778) 654 6470 and we’ll set an appointment for your next garage door installation.

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