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    How To Fix A Broken Garage Door Sensor

    More garage doors last for an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, making them durable and longer-lasting.

    However, some parts of the garage door can get damaged or broken.

    It can be inconvenient for you because you may find yourself getting trapped inside or outside the garage.

    Once you encounter the issue, one component that might be causing it is the sensor.

    You may choose to fix the problem on your own to avoid waiting for a professional to correct the problem.

    It’s recommended to fix minor issues on sensors by yourself, but you can also call for a professional if you’re willing to wait.

    Whatever your decision, our guide will explain how to fix a broken garage door sensor.

    Without further ado, let’s know all about sensors and how to fix them.

    What is a Garage Door Sensor?

    A garage door sensor’s function is detecting obstacles that come into the door’s path.

    It sends a signal for your door to close when there are no objects in the line of sight.

    It also prevents the door from hitting a person while on the way. Hence, it provides safety and security.

    There are two sensors for every automated garage door.

    One of them is to transmit the signal, while the other receives the signal.

    Using this mechanism will monitor the situation all the time.

    As mentioned, it will allow the door to reverse back when the sensors detect an object.

    However, sensors are prone to damage, significantly when it’s misaligned or dirty.

    Read further on how to fix the problem.

    How to Fix the Issue?

    Sensors are part of the garage door system.

    They work with the other electrical components of the garage to make everything work.

    Since they are used regularly during the operation, they are susceptible to damage.

    For that reason, you must check them all the time if they’re working or not.

    However, if everything’s too late, you can pinpoint a faulty sensor from the following issues.

    These are simple tweaks that you can do at home without needing a professional to fix it for you.

    Try these ways on how to fix a broken garage door sensor:

    Dirty Sensors

    If your garage door doesn’t close, dirty sensors might be the issue.

    Since the lenses of the sensors are made of glass, it is susceptible to dirt.

    Another factor that is prone to dirtiness is because the photo eyes are too small.

    Hence, the dirt can penetrate easily due to small particles.

    To address this issue, clean the sensors with a soft cloth.

    Spray a mild cleaner onto the fabric so that it won’t leave any streaks or scratches.

    Then, wipe the residue away from the area.

    Make sure not to apply too much product as it will allow more dirt to enter if the photo eye is wet.

    Misaligned sensors

    This is another reason why your sensors won’t work.

    Since sensors face each other, they need to align with each other for them to work.

    Each sensor has a LED light at the outer part. If one of the LED lights is blinking, this could mean a misalignment of the sensors.

    To align it back, tighten the screws located by the LED light by using a screwdriver.

    Make sure to secure it properly. You can also return the bracket’s position to its original place.

    Lastly, watch this video for another approach on how to realign the sensors.

    You’ll know once the sensors are aligned if the LED light stops blinking.

    To make sure the methods you have tried above are working:

    1. Open the garage door.
    2. Take any object and place it in front of the sensors.
    3. Press the remote control to close the garage door. If the door reopens after it closes, then you did the job right.

    However, if the door continues to close and crashes the object, a more significant problem might be an issue.

    With this, it’s best to seek help from a garage door repair company near you to have it checked.

    Professionals know how to fix the problem by identifying the underlying issues.

    Team up with Vancouver Overhead Doors!

    You must take care of your garage door to prevent problems from occurring.

    However, some factors contribute to faulty sensors even if you regularly maintain it.

    If the problems still exist on your sensors, don’t hesitate to reach Vancouver Overhead Doors.

    Once you call us, we will dispatch our technician to fix the sensors for you.

    We will also offer our professional advice on how to fix a broken garage door sensor and how to prevent issues from happening.

    Besides, we don’t want the inconvenience that comes with a faulty garage door.

    We offer 24 7 garage door repairs, maintenance, garage door installation, replacement, and tune-ups.

    Give us a call right away for your garage door woes, and we will provide the service you need.

    After all, we’re an emergency garage door service for a reason.

    Call us, and we’ll fix your sensors right away!

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled How To Fix A Broken Garage Door Sensor. Besides “How To Fix A Broken Garage Door Sensor”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Vancouver Overhead Doors.

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