Garage Door Extension Spring Repair Vancouver

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    Garage Door Extension Spring Repair Vancouver

    Garage Door Extension Spring Repair Vancouver

    With the number of times your garage door opens and closes in a year, you know that the spring will surely break one day ー until it happens.

    And you’ve been wondering how to fix it. Don’t worry; if your garage door has an extension spring, this guide is for you.

    We’ll cover everything from determining a damaged extension spring to how to install it.

    Vancouver Overhead Doors follow these standard procedures complemented with time-tested skills and modern tools to allow a safe and efficient workplace.

    Differentiating Garage Door Spring Types

    Extension and torsion springs are the two different types of garage door springs.

    Both assist in lifting the garage door.

    1. Extension Springs – long springs that lie horizontally above the garage door track and position perpendicular to the garage door.
    2. Torsion Springs – springs located above the garage door and sit right beside the garage door opening.

    Spotting A Bad Extension Spring

    It is easy to spot a bad garage door extension spring.

    If you extend the spring and it has an irregular shape, then it needs to be replaced.

    Also, test the door manually with an emergency rope.

    If the door feels like it’s in full weight, this means that the spring is broken.

    However, before you head on to replace your extension spring, take precautionary steps to prevent accidents.

    Things you’ll need:

    • Pliers
    • Two C-Clamps
    • Socket Wrench
    • Crescent Wrench
    • Step Stool
    • Ladder about 6ft
    • Duck Tape
    • New Garage Door Extension Springs

    Safety Reminders on Extension Spring

    It can be extremely dangerous to repair garage door springs if you’re not careful about it.

    But compared to the two types of garage door springs, extension springs can be easier to repair.

    Simply remove and replace the springs without facing a massive amount of tension.

    Once the garage door is open, the spring loses its tension, so it’s safe to work with it.

    Here are the reminders to ensure safety before repair:

    • The car should not be in the garage. Park it on the driveway or by the street.
    • Open the garage door.
    • Place the ladder right underneath the door opening.
    • The bottom of the door should lie on top of the ladder.
    • Unplug your garage door opener to make sure no one’s going to close the door.
    • To move the door freely, pull down the garage door’s safety release.
    • Place C-clamps underneath the track so that the door does not slide on you.

    Always remember to establish a good footing and prepare the right tools to repair or replace your extension spring effectively.


    Before you start on your garage door repair, make sure you have bought the right extension spring.

    Consult with any hardware store in Vancouver to determine the appropriate extension spring for your garage.

    If you notice both of your extension springs are broken, then buy two pieces so that it will close properly.

    Also, we want to avoid uneven tension for your garage door.

    This way, it will be evenly strong and you don’t have to worry about replacing an extension spring at a later time.

    To install the spring, you need to:

    1. Remove the spring. Detach the broken spring one end at a time. At the end of the door rail, remove the spring from its mounting pin. Remove the cable and wrap it around the pulley to free the spring.
    2. Place the safety cable clip at the end of the extension spring.
    3. Attach the safety cable with the spring and tie it to the vertical bracket.
    4. Tie the cable.
    5. Tighten and secure the cable using pliers.
    6. Situate the pulley wheel into the safety cable clip.
    7. Remove the S-hook that attaches the cable to the garage door bracket.
    8. Check if the pulley cable isn’t interlaced with the safety cable.
    9. Remove the clamps and lower the door to the ground.

    Also, make sure that the movement lowers normally.

    Check if the extension springs are properly secured.

    In addition, do a garage door tune-up if necessary.

    Make sure everything is functioning smoothly.


    We hope these steps are detailed enough for you to install your extension springs personally.

    But if you’re not ready to do it, don’t hesitate to call for garage door repair experts to do the job for you safely and effectively.

    With Vancouver hailed as the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada, you won’t be having a hard time finding a garage door repair company for you.

    For your overhead garage doors, Vancouver Overhead Doors is readily available at your service.

    Call us at (778) 654 6470 and experience swift and reliable service now.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Garage Door Extension Spring Repair Vancouver. Besides “Garage Door Extension Spring Repair Vancouver”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Vancouver Overhead Door Repair.

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