Keeping your garage door functional should be one of your priorities.

Daily use of your garage door eventually wears down its components, causing inconveniences and may even damage your garage.

Like your car, your garage doors also need care and maintenance from time to time.

But, you can prevent garage door malfunctions and damage from getting serious by having professional technicians check them up..

Garage Door Tune-Ups

The first thing a skilled technician does during a tune-up is to examine the components of your garage door’s system thoroughly.

They inspect the area for any damages, such as cracks and dents.

They will also tell you what components need repairs and what places show damage, such as rust and peeling paint spots.

Once they completed their visual examination, they will proceed to do the necessary maintenance to your garage door’s components.

They lubricate components such as rollers and springs to smoothen their movements.

Besides, even the lubrication can be tricky, since some lubricants degrade specific materials, so your technician must know what to apply.

Also, they inspect the screws, bolts, and bearings in the door’s system, cleaning or fixing them if needed.

Your technician also examines the tracks for straightness and alignment.

If the tracks are uneven, then they will readjust them according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

Furthermore, the tune-up process then moves on to the system’s counterbalance, safety settings, and door opener.

Signs Your Garage Door Needs a Tune-Up

Your garage door shows signs of growing issues within its system.

Keep watch for these signs to immediately deal with the problem before it becomes too serious.

Worn-out Parts

When you notice excessive wear and tear on your garage door components, it’s a sign that your garage door might need a tune-up.

Chips, cracks, and tears in the components mean that those require replacement.

These are typically caused by regular wear and operation.

Bends and breaks

Metal parts, like tracks, might bend due to excessive pressure.

Also, components such as springs and cables break.

These are usually caused by environmental factors, or overuse and improper use.

Get these issues fixed immediately as they present safety hazards.

Unusual Noises

Any noises such as grinding, scraping, or any weird sounds are signs of component issues.

Look for loose accessories such as bolts and screws that might be causing these noises.

Moreover, inspect the door track’s condition too if the door is producing friction noises due to dirt and dust build-up.

Unsteady Movement

If your garage door doesn’t open or close smoothly, along with making sudden motions such as jerks and stops, then it needs a tune-up.

Avoid forcefully opening or closing the door to maintain the doors’ faultless operation.

Moreover, check if it might need more lubrication, or some components are loose.

Who to hire?

Hiring the right garage repair team can be difficult to choose, especially if you have never tried their service.

Even so, you should have a standard on who you’ll hire.

Here’s what you should look for in hiring the right technicians.

Skilled and Experienced

Knowledge and skill set are two of the most prominent traits to look for in prospective technicians.

Furthermore, skill and experience are a given since you don’t want an amateur to make things worse for your garage.

However, this trait is difficult to assess since you have to hire them first to see how good they are.

A safe tip is to choose an already established garage door repair company who has been operating for years since they are robust enough to train newcomers.

Moreover, reading their customer ratings and reviews will help too, as it can strengthen your decision whether or not to seek help from them.


You also want a technician that won’t exploit you and make you pay for repairs that aren’t even necessary.

The only way you can ensure this for your first-time service is to learn about the components and what they look like if damaged.

After finding a technician you can trust, though, it’s better to patronize their service since they’ve already proven their service.

Prioritizes Customers

A report in 2014 by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System shows that there are 18 000 reported injuries due to garage doors and garage door openers.

As such, your technician must promptly repair your garage doors to mitigate these risks.

Besides, a good technician would show you what’s wrong with the garage system and advise you on carefully handling it.


Knowing where to find a time-tested and proven garage door tune-up specialist near you can be easy as long as you know who to look for and what to expect from a garage door maintenance specialist.

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