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    Garage Door Making Noise

    One of the foremost captivating attributes of any household is a top quality garage.

    The primary cause that a home needs a garage is due to the traditional use of the space.

    Your garage door keeps your car and home secured.

    But what if it is making noise? A rowdy garage door can bother your neighbors and the members of your family as it can disturb people while sleeping.

    Here are some guidelines to assist you in fixing your garage door issues:

    Tighten Nuts And Bolts

    Garage door noises might come from the door rattling in its rails because the door and path supports have loose or missing track bolts and screws.

    Lubricate Or Replace The Rollers

    When you hear noises while opening the garage door, mostly a groaning or a crushing noise, it may be due to the rollers.

    Polish all moving parts of the garage door with a lubricant for it to operate smoothly, therefore eradicating unnecessary noises.

    However, do not use petroleum to polish the nylon, the rollers, or other soft garage door elements such as the springs and coils.

    If you propose to exchange your rollers, nylon rollers are more advisable rather than metal rollers.

    You will have to pay more, but you won’t get to worry about periodically polishing them.

    Detach your garage door opener if you are going to polish it so that no one can use it for the time being to prevent hazards.

    Ask help from other people to conveniently finish your maintenance.

    Lubricate Or Replace The Springs

    Your garage door has complication springs and extension springs.

    You’ll find the complication springs above the door after you close it.

    You can also replace the extension springs by the tracks on the edges of the door.

    A smashed spring will surely result in a loud garage door.

    If this occurs regularly, do not attempt to repair or remove any parts in which the springs are connected.

    Caution – high spring tension can produce serious injury or may even lead to death.

    Professional technicians are the only ones allowed to restore the springs or the counterbalance system of a garage door for safety purposes.

    That’s because they have the skills to inspect and restore the garage door if the spring has issues.

    Besides, if the garage door operates for more than 10,000 times since the last spring renewal, replacing the springs may lower the garage door noise.

    Also, remember to not over polish because the lubricant can leak onto the door surface when the door is working.

    Lubricate Or Replace The Hinge

    Your garage door features components that easily wear off.

    One of them is the hinges that play a vital role in the operation of your garage door.

    Check the hinges to ascertain if they’re smashed, or have dust or metal filings around its area.

    Don’t regulate, restore or detach hinges on your own, ask for help from other qualified people for safety purposes.

    Caution – removal of the rock bottom bracket can cause your garage door to fall, which may result in severe injuries or even death.

    You should call for trained door systems technicians to restore and renew your garage door’s hinges to guarantee a safe and effective repair.

    Once your hinges are fixed, simply polish them with a synthetic lubricant.

    Detach your garage door opener before repairing it so that no one can use it for the time being to prevent hazards.

    Ask help from other people to conveniently finish your maintenance.

    Garage Door Opener

    If your garage door itself is not the problem, maybe it is the garage door opener.

    Check the motor of your garage door opener; it might be the root of the noise.

    Consider replacing your garage door opener motor, especially if it is operating for a long time now, to minimize damage and unnecessary noises.

    The Solution: Regular Maintenance

    To avoid damages on the components of your garage door, always check them and schedule at least once a month of regular maintenance.

    Following the above tips should help you resolve most of the noise issues.

    If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to seek professional help and have a qualified garage door technician inspect and repair your garage door.

    Call our team at Vancouver Overhead Doors now. Feel free to speak to our staff at (778) 654 6470.

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    Robert Garcia

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