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    How to Select Garage Door Springs

    The springs are one of the components responsible for the heavy lifting of your garage door.

    They work together with the automatic opener to provide a smooth garage door movement.

    Although your garage door springs are remarkably tough and durable, they will eventually wear out and incur damages.

    You will have to repair or replace them to keep your garage door system in good working order.

    If you want to get a replacement, it’s essential to understand the basics of how to select garage door springs.

    That’s why we will help you discover how to determine and choose the right springs for your overhead door.

    Know the Types of Garage Door Springs

    Garage door springs come in two major types: extension and torsion springs.

    These springs operate distinctly, which is why you need to learn how each of their systems works.

    Through this, you can identify if your garage door springs need replacement or not.

    You will also know which spring you need to buy for your garage door system.

    Extension Springs

    These types of garage door springs are long and lightweight.

    You can find them between the tracks and garage ceiling — attached above the horizontal parts of your garage door tracks.

    In most cases, extension springs store enough amount of energy from extending and releasing as the door closes and opens.

    Torsion Springs

    Garage door torsion springs are stiff and typically rest against the wall above the door.

    They get energy and tension from tightly coiling as the door lifts and lowers.

    You can find the torsion springs attached to the metal rod running side by side with the garage door.

    Selecting the Right Garage Door Springs

    You use garage doors to secure your car, belongings, and the people inside your property.

    That’s why it’s vital to understand the importance of knowing how to select garage door springs properly.

    There are various sorts of garage door springs available in the market today.

    You might get confused about the selection process, so here are some tips that may help you get through it and choose the right springs for your overhead door system.

    Springs’ Length

    Unhinge the set screws on the winding cone in order to get the length of the spring.

    Measure the spring’s length from the first to the last coil.

    However, you should not touch the set screws if your garage door spring is not totally damaged.

    You might end making the door fall to its length.

    For safety precautions, don’t let your fingers go near the springs when measuring their length.

    Wire Size

    When doing a wire size measurement, you need to compress all the coils first to get the right length.

    Measure the size of the first ten or twenty coils of your garage door spring needing a replacement.

    Once you get the measurement, you can compare it to the wire size charts and determine its correct length.

    Spring Wind

    Generally, garage doors include two springs: the left wind and right wind springs.

    The right-wing spring’s endpoint is in an anticlockwise direction, while the left wind spring is clockwise.

    Springs’ Inner Diameter

    You might find it hard to get the measurement of your garage door spring’s inner diameter.

    Hence, you have the option to look for the markings that are on the winding cones’ side.

    There are also other important factors you need to take into consideration when selecting garage door springs.

    These include the weight of the door, materials used, and more.

    Keep in mind that having the right garage door springs is the key to your property and loved ones’ safety.

    Consult the Experts at Vancouver Overhead Doors

    Learning some tips on how to select garage door springs can help you choose the right ones for your overhead door system.

    But if you’re still in doubt, don’t think too much and stress yourself.

    Instead, consult Vancouver Overhead Doors’ professional technicians.

    Our team will help you decide and select the right garage door springs and install them for you.

    It will be our pleasure to deliver exceptional garage door services whenever you need them.

    You may contact us for consultations and bookings of garage door repair service.

    We’ll cater to your request right away!

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled How to Select Garage Door Springs. Besides “How to Select Garage Door Springs”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Vancouver Overhead Doors.

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