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    How To Replace A Broken Garage Door Roller

    Garage doors are easy and convenient to use. You can safeguard your belongings and keep them from threats.

    However, you need to maintain it regularly to keep them in good condition.

    If your garage door produces a grinding noise as it opens and closes, you need to consider replacing the rollers.

    Furthermore, consider this your guide on how to replace a broken garage door roller.

    How To Spot A Broken Garage Door Roller

    If you don’t know rollers, they are located along the garage door’s track.

    Generally, ten rollers are needed for large garage doors to balance the movement.

    However, the number of rollers varies depending on the size of the garage door.

    Their purpose is to allow the garage door to run smoothly.

    Rollers come in different types- plastic, nylon, and steel, with steel the most durable out of all the types.

    Plastic is the cheapest and does not need lubrication, while nylon is the most expensive type.

    Despite what type of rollers you buy, they can damage eventually.

    If you have been using your garage door several times a year, the rollers are in constant use.

    Particularly for the top rollers, they are usually to break first before others.

    The reason is they are under continuous pressure, especially if the door is open. Hence, it can potentially damage the rollers in no time.

    To spot a broken garage door roller, you need to see if there are cracks or wear.

    If you see these signs, a replacement is the best way.

    Damaged rollers can potentially affect the operation of your door. It can result in misaligned tracks.

    You can also know if the rollers are wearing out if the door makes clicking or grinding noise when it opens and closes.

    This is probably due to corrosion of the rollers. Simple lubrication will help to address the issue.

    Use lithium or silicone-based lubricant, and wipe off the excess to prevent dirt from sticking to the rollers.

    Another way to indicate to test the roller’s condition is if it’s securely attached to the shaft. Hold the roller tight and wiggle it.

    You should expect to stay firm even if you try to move it.

    Otherwise, it’s probably broken or worn out if it wiggles loosely. Hence, a replacement is suggested.

    Note that before doing a replacement, you must also make sure to check the condition of the rollers by a garage door repair company near you.

    Vancouver Overhead Doors is willing to serve you any time of the day.

    Procedure in Replacing Rollers

    When you see the above signs for a damaged roller, follow the steps on how to replace a broken garage door roller.

    Moreover, the issue must be assessed by a professional before doing it.

    If they advise replacing the roller, then that’s the time you should do it.

    1. Lift the door a few inches from the ground, and make sure to unplug the overhead door opener to prevent it from activating during the procedure. This is to minimize the risk of injury and accidents.

    2. Face the garage door’s bottom side toward the inside of the garage.

    3. Disconnect the roller from the tracks. To make sure you successfully remove the rollers, bend the tracks.

    4. Make sure that the holes of the roller are perpendicular to the surface of the bracket. If it’s not perpendicular, use the roller’s stem to straighten the holes.

    5. Attach the roller in the bracket. To make this happen, repeat step 3.

    6. Fold the track located below the roller.

    7. Lower the garage door until it reaches beside the track’s bent side.

    8. Slide the roller into the track.

    9. Lastly, use a hammer to straighten the track but avoid hitting it where the roller is placed. Doing this can damage the roller.

    After doing the steps, make sure to test the door’s movement.

    You can also refer to this video on how to replace a broken garage door roller.

    The video provides step-by-step instructions while helping you to reduce the noise that is producing from your garage door.

    Leave the Job to Vancouver Overhead Doors!

    Similar to other garage door parts, replacing a roller requires a professional to do the job.

    From what you can see from the steps above, you need to have handyman skills to successfully replace the rollers.

    If you don’t have it or are reluctant to fix it yourself, you can always ask for help from Vancouver Overhead Doors.

    We serve in Vancouver and provide various services, from 24/ 7 garage door repairs, garage door installation, replacement, maintenance, and tune-ups.

    Once you encounter your roller is damaged, call us since we are an emergency garage door service ready to serve you any time.

    We’re excited to serve you. Call us to replace your garage door rollers!

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled How To Replace A Broken Garage Door Roller. Besides “How To Replace A Broken Garage Door Roller”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Vancouver Overhead Doors.

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