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    Garage Door Spring Installation Vancouver

    Homeowners usually keep their vehicles and hobby equipment in garages where they can keep it organized and secure at all times.

    However, frequently using the garage door exposes it to continuous wear and tear that will eventually take its toll and break down on you.

    If you experience problems opening your garage door, whether it’s operating slowly or stops midway, you might have problems with your garage door spring.

    Most people would hop onto the conclusion of replacing their door springs.

    However, keeping a few things in check before deciding to replace the entire spring assembly can save you a few bucks.

    With that, snapping and loosening of the spring belts are two pieces of evidence that keep your door ajar.

    So you should also want to keep an eye on these components when experiencing garage door failures.

    Moreover, there are two types of spring that help open the garage doors, namely Extension and Torsion springs.

    If several torsion springs have snaps and cracks, then they are basically broken beyond repair and need immediate replacement.

    A defective garage door spring can also cause mild to severe injuries if left untreated.

    Moreover, the springs act as a counterbalance to minimize stress in a broken door spring.

    Safety Precautions during Repair

    Dealing with the repair of heavy equipment requires safety and attention to detail.

    Besides, repairing and installing garage door springs can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have adequate equipment and knowledge of the component.

    When doing so, use a working ladder and make sure to have the right stance to counteract any opposite force.

    Furthermore, wear gloves and glasses, since extending the spring applies significant tension that could recoil and hit you in the face.

    Also, remember to perform every DIY repair correctly with vigilance.

    People with less upper body strength can also ask for assistance or ultimately seek professional help.

    Of course, contacting professionals on dealing with the garage door spring installation and repair is the safest thing to do.

    Extension Spring Repair

    Extension spring is a long, thin spring parallel to the horizontal tracks of the door itself.

    It stores energy in the extension and bending when the door moves.

    Extension springs can be a clipped-end spring, double-looped, and an open-looped one.

    Garage door repair on the extension springs is a possible DIY for you to do.

    The installation and repair done to the extension springs are an easy-pissy task to follow.

    1. Remove all garage door tension springs and clamps after opening the door. Place the dismantled parts in place. Remember to put placement marks to put everything back in order and correctly.
    2. Carefully disconnect the extension spring from the truck drum and spring pulley.
    3. Have a safety cable to keep the spring in place at all times.
    4. Slowly remove the safety cable and replace the old spring with a new one.
    5. Have a keen eye in choosing the right spring material to replace the old one.
    6. You can purchase replacement springs at genuine garage door repair stores
    7. Place the safety cable again and carefully place the new set of springs on the truck bracket.
    8. Remove the safety cable and ensure that the safety cable is reattached properly from the pulley.
    9. Check that clamps and spring are all placed correctly upon attaching the garage door opening.
    10. Test the garage door.

    Torsion Spring Repair

    You can find four different torsion springs in a regular garage door, varying in size, strength, and door weight.

    Torsion springs are usually fixed within the metal shaft that is enclosed by aluminum drums.

    Usually, these springs are placed in the overhead door opening.

    Moreover, these wires can be a standard one, early-set, steel rolling-door, or a torque-master spring.

    Garage door repair and installation on the torsion springs is a tedious job that is most suitable to be done by expert repairers.

    Furthermore, these DIY tips can be done by those equipped with full knowledge of garage repair.

    1. Plug out the door opener and clamp to avoid sudden opening of the door during installation.
    2. Use a well-made ladder and place a winding bar into the winding cone to keep the tension springs immovable. Also, have a bar in place to keep the door from unwinding.
    3. Insert another winding bar after placing the first bar above the garage door.
    4. Place the second winding bar on top of the garage door and remove the first one. Repetition of steps 1 to step 4 can help the spring to unwind.
    5. Removal of the torsion hardware. Also, remove the springs, cables, aluminum drums, and metal shafts.
    6. Take note of the correct type and feature of the torsion spring used on the garage door. Moreover, knowing what winding settling is used is also needed.
    7. You can purchase the appropriate type, size, and placement of springs at a trusted garage door repair company.
    8. Place the new spring on the metal shaft and reinstall the aluminum drum precisely.
    9. Make sure that the aluminum drums are adequately secured. Also, check that the forces exerted are equal on both sides of the metal shaft.
    10. Wind the spring until everything settles in. make sure one winding bar stays at the winding cone at all times during the twisted period.
    11. Use a hammer and tap the bar to stretch it in a ¼ inch length.
    12. Ensure that you placed and tightened the screws correctly.
    13. Lubricate the garage door assembly to reduce friction in the torsion spring. Also, remove the clamps.
    14. Inspect the newly installed garage door by lifting it. If the garage door stays on the ground, then the installation is a big success.


    Garage door spring installation shouldn’t be a problem for DIY lovers, much more for experts in garage door repair and maintenance.

    Consult an expert? Remember to call our team! Our appliance repair services in Vancouver are ready to accommodate any of your garage door problems!

    Call our experts at Vancouver Overhead Doors now at (778) 654 6470 and get your garage door fixed.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Garage Door Spring Installation Vancouver. Besides “Garage Door Spring Installation Vancouver”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Vancouver Overhead Doors.

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