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    Garage Door Parts

    It’s stress-free to find out your garage door is operating smoothly.

    You can simply click the remote to open and close the door to enter or leave the house.

    Despite its simple operation, there are a lot of things going on with the garage door system.

    Each component works individually and together with other garage door parts to ensure the system is running smoothly.

    Hence, if the door starts to malfunction, there are many things to consider to identify the problem’s underlying cause.

    The first and foremost step to diagnose your door is to know the different garage door parts.

    Once you have identified all of them, you’ll be able to spot the issues easily.

    You’ll also be able to communicate clearly with a professional in Vancouver by using the garage door terms.

    Thus, we’ve compiled all the different garage door parts for you, and make sure to take notes.


    Cables are one of the moving parts that are responsible for the movement of garage doors.

    They are located at the top and bottom part of the garage door.

    For the top, they sit beside the springs and the drum. Meanwhile, the bottom cables are connected to the door.

    When the door opens, the drum rolls up to the cable, and then the cable pulls upward.

    However, if you find the door shuts, the cable is damaged.

    Once cables are damaged, you should consult a professional to perform a garage door cable repair.

    Opener Motor

    The opener motor is located at the ceiling.

    It looks like an electronic box with a cord extending to an outlet.

    With an opener, you can easily open and close the door using the remote.

    Both devices communicate with each other to operate the door.


    While openers are responsible for the movement of the door, springs make the door easy to lift.

    Together with cables, they move the door upwards.

    Springs store a lot of tension, which then releases when the door opens.

    If you notice that it’s easy to lift the door when you manually open the door, it’s the spring that makes it happen.

    Hinges and Brackets

    Hinges and brackets secure the garage door system in place.

    You can see them at the sides and the middle part of the overhead door.

    These parts are prone to corrosion and rust, so make sure to lubricate them.

    They can also loosen up over time due to frequent usage. With this, tighten everything with a wrench.

    Rollers and Tracks

    Rollers and tracks are located at the sides of the overhead door.

    They keep the door align to keep the movement along the track.

    Moreover, rollers are situated along the tracks and allow the door to move smoothly.

    If rollers and tracks are damaged, it will cause misalignment on the door.


    You can see the sensors at both sides and the bottom part of the garage door.

    They face each other to send infrared light. If the light detects an object, it signals the door to stay open.

    This component is helpful to prevent the door from closing when there’s an obstruction.

    Hence, it prevents injury and damage to whoever is in the way.

    Weather Seals

    Weather Seals are placed at the garage door’s bottom side to keep external elements from entering the garage.

    It seals all the gaps to make sure it also provides insulation to your garage.

    However, if there are chips and cracks, don’t get surprised if you see water leaking in.

    If you notice this issue, watch this for the installation guide.

    Tube Shaft

    If you have a torsion spring in your garage door, expect to have a tube shaft.

    The tube shaft is a metal rod placed above the door where the spring is coiled.


    Drums work together with cables to make the door move.

    You can see it beside the ends of the tube shaft.

    Emergency Release Cord

    The purpose of an emergency release cord is for you to manually open and close the door when your opener motor is damaged or during a power outage.

    It is a red-colored cord that hangs at the top of the opener motor.

    Need Professional Help?

    I hope this guide helps you to know and understand your garage door better.

    By knowing the different garage door parts, you’ll also be able to spot the cause of the problems with your garage door.

    Also, you can fix the damage if you’re willing to take the risk.

    However, DIY can be dangerous. With this, leave the repairs to Vancouver Overhead Doors.

    When you rely on our 24 7 garage door repairs, you’ll expect a fully-functional garage door once again.

    We have a team in Vancouver and provide emergency garage door service.

    From installation, maintenance to repairs, we will provide the best quality service you deserve.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Garage Door Parts. Besides “Garage Door Parts”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Vancouver Overhead Doors.

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