Garage Door Make Banging Noise When Opening

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    Garage Door Make Banging Noise When Opening

    Garage Door Make Banging Noise When Opening

    Different types of banging and rattling on the garage door might be the result of serious problems that require immediate attention.

    Who would have thought that a simple squeak on the door can lead to a severe risk in the long run?

    Typically, a garage door opening system’s efficient design should work and perform smoothly without noise and delay.

    Moreover, the tracks help in opening and closing the garage door, and the rollers, bearings, and springs work together to have a functioning garage door opening system.

    A garage door is a valuable must-have item in every household.

    But, having it banging and squeaking can cause discomfort to both the owner and any nearby houses.

    A noisy garage door is an indicator that it is experiencing a problem with some of its parts.

    Yes, a noisy garage door that is functioning well is not a big problem, nor it costs too much for repair.

    But, having it fixed ensures a smooth and efficient operation by the interconnected parts of a garage door.

    If you are among many homeowners who experience an excessively noisy garage door, knowing the issue’s cause is a must.

    Discussed below are some reasons and tips to help you fix the problem with your garage door.

    Rollers and Track Carriages

    You must constantly inspect the rollers and track carriages for any wear, tear, and dust for your garage door to function smoothly without any noise.

    Moreover, the application of lubricants to the rollers can also ease the problem.

    Also, the removal of the rocks and possible dust residues on the rollers can eradicate undesirable noises.

    Lastly, check the condition of your garage door.

    Make sure to check everything before proceeding to the next steps.

    After doing all of the necessary check-ups, your garage door will surely operate smoothly in a few seconds.

    Inspection of the Hinges

    Hinges are movable joints that help open and close the garage door.

    You should check and inspect these regularly to detect and repair damages.

    A loose or a damaged hinge can cause a loud banging noise from the garage door itself.

    For this reason, having the hinge stays in good shape and ensuring that all the bolts are in place is indeed the right way to keep it from making unnecessary noises.

    Isolation of the Door or the Opener

    Automatic garage doors are more complex in checking this kind of problem.

    Electric garage doors should be separated from the door to have it checked and inspected for any noise.

    Reading the opener’s manual on fixing or separating it from the door can ensure that the inspection is done correctly without causing another source of problem.

    Garage door inspection needs assistance, for it is a massive part.

    Moreover, if you can still hear noises after the repair, immediately contact a garage door repairer to visit and have a look at your garage door.

    Also, a reliable garage door repair company should shoulder parts replacement and provide genuine manufacturer components.

    Applying Motor Oil on the Springs

    Regular application of lubricants on the torsion and extension springs can minimize noise issues.

    Torsion springs and extension springs are the typical garage door parts that help in opening the garage door.

    Over time, the coil in the springs locks up which prevents the door from opening.

    Also, issues on these springs can lead to the separation of the spring from the door.

    One of the best ways to avoid these dangerous problems is to put lubricants on the springs generously.


    Garage doors that are functioning well is a benefit for every household to have, especially for security purposes.

    If you have issues with the noises on your garage doors, knowing the cause of the problems mentioned above can help you solve it yourself.

    Moreover, if the parts stated above malfunctions, the failure can cause stress to the garage door and eventually leads to an unpleasant sound.

    So, regular check-ups can prevent any noise from occurring.

    However, if the banging continues after checking the probable cause, contacting an expert from our garage repair company can help you save your garage door on time.

    Remember, Vancouver Overhead Doors has your back! Call us at (778) 654 6470, set up an appointment, and we’ll be ready to serve you.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Garage Door Make Banging Noise When Opening. Besides “Garage Door Make Banging Noise When Opening”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Vancouver Overhead Door Repair.

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