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    Commercial Steel Garage Doors

    Every business has different needs when choosing the right garage door.

    Despite what garage door you choose, the best material is steel since it’s strong and durable.

    Hence, it’s ideal for every business since it provides security and safety.

    Commercial steel garage doors come with many styles and sizes, that’s why it’s highly customizable.

    You can modify them according to the type of business you have and the aesthetics of your building.

    You can also make them fire-proof or insulated to make sure your business is protected.

    For this reason, we will discuss why you need commercial steel garage doors for your building.

    Why You Need Commercial Steel Garage Doors

    Overhead doors made of steel are ideal for every commercial building since they provide security and durability.

    Due to these factors, you don’t have to worry about your inventory getting snatched or exposing your establishment to heavy rainfall.

    Moreover, steel is also the most widely available material for overhead doors.

    Steel doors have metal sheets wrapped around them to make sure they provide insulation and durability.

    Steel garage doors also come with locking systems to increase the security of your business.

    Alongside this, you can expect commercial steel garage doors to provide the following:

    They provide long-term value.

    Steel garage doors offer the best value, whether you have a warehouse or a small retail store.

    Compared to other types of overhead door materials, steel doors are more affordable.

    While they can be more expensive than wood, they’re a worthy purchase for the benefits they provide.

    Wooden doors may offer more options on customization, such as providing a natural look for your building.

    However, it’s not the best bet for your business.

    For every type of business, steel is the best choice since security and safety matter most.

    Steel garage doors also provide long-term value because it’s low maintenance.

    They can survive up to 30 years with proper care.

    If a fix is needed for these types of doors, costs are not a problem since they don’t get damaged heavily.

    They offer safety and security.

    Most steel garage doors are fire-resistant, though you should note that not all offer this kind of feature.

    Hence, you need to buy additional materials to make them fire-proof.

    Fire-resistant steel garage doors provide a fire rating of 20 minutes.

    This means these doors can handle the heat for up to 20 minutes.

    Thus, there’s more time for the employees to evacuate from the danger.

    Take note that each steel door must be fire certified.

    You can spot a fire-certified garage door if it has a sticker indicating the time it can hold up a fire.

    Due to steel doors’ durability, it’s not easy for thieves to break in.

    It’s even more difficult for them to enter because steel doors are not easy to break.

    Security is a priority, and steel doors can provide that.

    Especially if you have installed an automatic opener and a lock mechanism, you don’t have to worry about lost items and other dangers.

    They’re also bulletproof and chemical resistant compared to other garage door materials such as wood and fiberglass.

    They are long-lasting and durable.

    As mentioned, they last for up to 30 years when you properly take care of them.

    They’re also resistant to rust, bowing, and cracking.

    Steel doors are also suitable for buildings near the street since they can withstand pollution and other external elements.

    What’s more, they offer insulating properties, which makes them energy-efficient.

    Hence, you can avoid costs on expensive electric bills.

    While they are not scratch and dent-proof, they are easy to repair and require only a few hours to accomplish the job.

    Make sure to rely on the repairs with a garage door repair company near you.

    Professionals offer high-quality services to make sure the fixes are done correctly.

    Install Commercial Steel Garage Doors with a Professional

    Steel garage doors are highly convenient for commercial buildings.

    Aside from the advantages mentioned above, they are also sound-proof and easy to maintain.

    Moreover, never install the steel doors by yourself since they are heavy.

    You can watch this video on how pros install it.

    If you’re finally convinced about getting a steel garage door for your establishment, leave the job to Vancouver Overhead Doors.

    We have been doing commercial garage door repairs for years already.

    We also have worked with different garage door situations, whether you need a garage door installation, 24/ 7 garage door repairs, replacement, or maintenance.

    Call our team in Vancouver and receive the best prices for your installation!

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