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    Commercial Garage Door Repair

    Commercial garage doors have become more and more relevant in most businesses in Vancouver.

    Restaurants, retail stores, machinery shops, and even fire departments have become dependent on the usage of commercial garage doors.

    By investing in a commercial garage door, this will drastically improve the company’s efficiency, productivity, and overall level of security.

    A garage door’s lifespan lasts from ten to fifteen years with its torsion springs lasting roughly ten thousand cycles.

    As we’ve agreed that a garage door is essential to our businesses, this would also mean that at some point, you would need to have a commercial garage door repair.

    You might be thinking that you could be saving some cash by fixing your commercial garage door by yourself, but we can tell you right now, that it is not worth it.

    You should think it through if ever you’re persistent on fixing it yourself.

    Here are reasons why you should hire professionals and why DIY commercial garage door repair is a bad idea.

    Fixing a garage door is harder than it looks

    If you don’t have the proper technical skills and experiences required to perform such repairs, the process could be extremely difficult.

    The process of fixing a garage includes the handling of all sorts of tools, parts and machinery that you are surely not familiar with.

    This is especially true if this is the first time you’ve done this.

    Due to your mechanical inexperience, this would just result in you taking too much time on fixing this, if you ever fix it at all.

    Special tools are required

    As we’ve said before, fixing a garage door can be quite taxing.

    In the repair process, there will come a time that you will be in need of tools in order to properly finish or fix certain components of your commercial garage door.

    These tools are probably not readily available in your shop or facility.

    If you;re insistent in a DIY commercial garage door repair in Vancouver, you would be required to purchase such tools to finish your garage door repair.

    This would, in turn, cause you to spend a couple hundred bucks solely to buy a couple of tools that would probably be used only once.

    This is the reason why it is always better to call up professionals.

    We at Vancouver Overhead Doors Repair are equipped with the proper tools and experience needed to cater to all your garage door repair needs right away.

    Risks that come with making mistakes

    When you do a DIY garage door repair, you could easily make mistakes due to the various steps needed.

    If a mistake is made in the process of fixing your garage door yourself, this could lead to devastating consequences.

    You may end up losing more money due to higher costs of repair and parts replacement.

    It could also further lead to an obstruction of work productivity.

    A problematic garage door that doesn’t open or close is a common result of a DIY garage door repair.

    You could be injured

    Unlike professionals who have handled several garage door repair cases and are prepared for the entailed risks, normal people may not know what they are up for.

    Garage door repair is a very intricate process.

    Handling some of the garage door’s components, like the torsion spring (which pulls up your four-hundred pound door), could be very dangerous.

    Choosing to solve the problem on your own may cause injury and sometimes death, due the deadly force it makes when wound up.

    In such cases, garage door spring replacement may really be required; however, the risk that comes with fixing it yourself is not worth it.

    Avoid the risk of getting hurt and paying for medical care by calling professionals to ensure your safety.

    You won’t have warranty

    If something goes wrong after you think you’ve successfully fixed your garage, you will not have no one to blame but yourself.

    However, when you do hire a professional, you will have the luxury of calling them for future services if ever you were not satisfied by their service.

    Call Vancouver Overhead Doors Repair for your commercial garage door repair needs!

    As you care for your business, you should always care about the things that help your business run the way it does.

    By investing in good quality commercial garage door repair and maintenance by professionals, you will be reassured that your business will be running in its top potential.

    This is why you should call us at Vancouver Overhead Doors Repair.

    We can cater to garage door spring replacement, garage door installations and garage door repair in Vancouver to ensure your safety and your business in its tip top shape.

    Don’t hesitate; call us today!

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