It can be frustrating when you pull up to your driveway, press the remote button, and not open your garage door.

You continue pressing it while you’re inching closer to your garage, and at last, the door finally opens.

But do you have to suffer like this all the time to open your garage?

Typically, remote control signals the opener receiver of a minimum of 5 car lengths to a maximum of 200 ft, imagine the potential range you can leverage.

But you seem to be one of the unlucky few to have never unlocked the secret to a long-range signal.

So let’s get started before you head on to a garage door repair to get a fix.

Replace Batteries

The easiest way to increase your range on a garage door opener is to check your remote control battery.

It is the most affordable and a time-saver option.

People rarely check the batteries, and they don’t know if it functions or not.

If you have bought a new battery installed in your remote and it seems to be lying around your shelves for a long time, then it’s time to say goodbye to it and buy a new one.

Unused batteries can drain, especially if it’s installed in a device.

Check the back of your remote to figure out how it is secured.

Then install the battery in the correct position, or else it won’t function.

Check for electrical devices

If you find out that your remote has infrequent range, then it’s time to consider electrical devices as one of the culprits.

Electrical components can interfere with the range of your remote.

It includes television, LED, fluorescent light, battery charger, and alarms.

Also, there’s a chance that your remote will lose the range if you live near communication-centered areas such as airport or security system companies.

Notice the changes when you install electrical devices in your garage, then you’ll find out you are having a hard time opening your garage from a far distance.

Change remote frequency

Changing the frequency can improve the remote’s signal. Here are some ways to do it:

Install a different circuit board with a new remote control.

To receive a different frequency, use an external receiver that connects from the wall outlet.

If your remote is manufactured before 1993, then it’s time to buy a new one.

New models use dual and tri-band frequency for an increased range.

It will also detect the best signal to use.

It’s time for a remote control upgrade

When your remote is already old, the buttons and contact points can wear out.

It is also manifested through the indicator light found at the tip of the remote.

If the light does not appear, there is no signal communicating between the remote and the garage door opener.

Then, replace your battery.

Tip: Test the remote’s signal strength from a garage door repair company.

They can also fix the signal range problems.

Install Antenna Extension

Most garage door openers have an antenna installed.

It should be hanging down underneath the opener so that the communication path is clear with remote control.

Buy an antenna extension to increase the range further.

Consult this to a garage door repair company to make sure you’re buying the right one.

Once you already bought it, you’re ready to install it.

To install an antenna extension,

1. Place a ladder near the garage door opener.

2. Remove the cover where the antenna connection is located.

3. From the unit where the small wire antenna is attached, loosen the screw and pull off the wire. Tie up the wire at the antenna extension’s end to the screw. Make sure to tighten it.

4. Position the antenna wire along with the garage ceiling. Fasten it every 12 inches with wire staples.

5. Attach the antenna bracket’s stem at the ceiling with the screws. Using the screw, attach it to the end of the antenna wire into one side of the connection coupler. Repeat it on the coupler’s other side.

6.   Don’t forget to install a new battery if it’s old already.

Tip: Clip the remote control to a sun visor to prevent signal obstruction. Remove any electrical devices or metallic objects that can interfere with the range of the garage door opener.

I hope these tips helped to increase the range of your garage door opener.

If all else fails, consult a garage door repair company to fix whatever problems your garage door has.

Call our experts at Vancouver Overhead Doors now at (778) 654 6470 and get your garage door fixed.

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