The torsion spring is responsible for providing the tension or force required to lift your heavy garage door.

It positions horizontally above your overhead door and keeps your entire system in smooth operation.

Once this spring fails or breaks, your garage door will not function as it used to.

There are instances when the door will only lift partially due to a broken torsion spring.

That is why it’s crucial for every garage door owner to spot this problem before it gets worse.

You need to understand how to replace broken torsion springs on a garage door in order to take the right actions whenever there are issues.

It will also help you decide whether to call a professional garage door repair technician or fix the problem yourself.

Damaged Torsion Spring Replacement

Replacing your broken garage door torsion springs can be a demanding and complex process.

Even the most experienced do-it-yourself owners may have difficulties dealing with such a job.

If you’re in doubt, it’s in your best interest to get in touch with an expert garage door repair provider near you.

You can easily browse and buy many sorts of garage door torsion springs online or at the stores around your area.

However, the replacement job is a complicated one and often only done by experienced DIY persons while strictly following the proper safety precautions.

Hence, we will let you understand more about how to replace a broken torsion spring on a garage door to keep everything safe and sound.

Secure the Garage Door and Remove the Old Springs

You can begin the job by closing your garage door.

Use C-clamps to keep the door shut.

You can do this by fastening the clamp to the track above the roller at the lowermost part, on both door sides.

After that, make sure to unplug the opener and pull the cord on the unit’s arm to disengage it.

You can now start removing the old springs.

Usually, garage doors include two springs, and we suggest you replace them both simultaneously.

Follow Safety Precautions

When doing a replacement job, you must wear protective gear for safety purposes.

You also have to use only the proper set of equipment and tools.

Do not hold onto the spring or cones.

When adjusting the spring cones, never position yourself in front of them.

Work on the side and always use the right ladder safety methods.

Make Sure Your Old and New Spring are the Same

You need to ensure that the size, types, and other features of your new springs match the old ones.

Before you get a replacement component, determine your existing springs’ wire size, length, inside diameter, and wind direction.

Unwind Your Old Garage Door Torsion Springs

You have to be more cautious when performing this step.

Use only the right winding bars. Insert one in the cone’s bottom hole.

Hold it in position as you loosen the set screws.

Make sure to hold on tight and insert another winding bar in the next hole.

You can now remove the first winding bar and allow the spring to unwind.

Detach the center bracket by unhinging the bolts, and slip off the old springs.

Fasten the tube to the center bracket to prevent it from falling.

Install Your New Torsion Springs

Finally, it’s time to install your new torsion springs.

You can start on the left.

Put the first spring onto the torsion rod from the center.

Slide on the cable drum and ensure that the new spring is pointing to the right and center.

After securing your new springs, your next steps are to replace the center bearing, thread the lift cables, and rewind your new torsion springs.

To finish, stretch and set the new springs.

Once everything is ready, you can now remove the clamps, reconnect your garage door opener and turn on the power connection to test your new torsion springs.


Now that you’ve gained some insights on how to replace the broken torsion spring on a garage door, you may think that you can try doing the job.

However, remember that torsion spring replacement takes a lot of work.

It also involves significant risks which may lead to injuries and other potential accidents.

So, if you’re not skilled enough, better let the well-trained technicians of Vancouver Overhead Doors handle it for your safety.

Our company has been a trusted garage door repair provider, and many clients rely on us for immediate service.

If you believe that torsion springs replacement is beyond your skills and experience level, we are more than willing to help you with the job.

Discover why many clients trust our team and give us a call today!

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