Even though overhead doors live simple lives, various parts make up for its simple mechanism.

One vital component that keeps the door moving is the garage door cable.

It works together with springs to control the movement.

Garage door cables are complex to work with.

If it is damaged, it is better to seek out a garage door repair company near you.

Moreover, read this guide to know how to repair a broken garage door cable if you want to do it yourself.

Type of Garage Door Cables

Cables come in two different types – torsion and extension cables.

Since cables work together with springs, they have similar types.

Each type of cable works differently and has different approaches on how to repair a broken garage door cable.

Torsion spring cables are placed at the top of the overhead door and wrap around the torsion shaft.

Compared to an extension cable, It’s shorter and easy to work with.

It also helps the spring to balance the tension released when a door moves.

On the other hand, extension cables have tremendous tension.

If you have this type of cable and spring, make sure to take safety measures when handling it.

A minor error can result in a malfunctioning garage door.

Indicators of a Broken Garage Door Cable

Cables are subjected to frequent use together with other components of garage doors.

This is the reason why cables break due to wearing and rust. If it shows signs of failure, you have to expect a malfunctioning garage door.

Common signs of a damaged overhead door cable are:

Steps for Fixing Garage Door Cables

If you have encountered the above issues, you may need to repair your garage door cable.

Before doing the task, make sure to wear personal protective equipment such as glasses and gloves.

Afterward, you can follow these steps on how to repair a broken garage door cable:

Replace the cables: Most often, if there is damage to the cable, a repair is insufficient. Thus, you need a total replacement for the cables.

Unplug the opener and manually open the garage door.

If it’s moving smoothly along the tracks, there is no problem with the cable. Otherwise, there is an issue with the cable.

If you have a torsion spring, you need to unwind the spring from the shaft.

Then, remove the broken cable from the sides of the drums.

After, install the new cables and insert them by sliding the door track.

After installing, your door is ready to operate again. Lastly, test it if the cables are working.

For extension type, place clamps on the door to keep it in place.

Also, unplug the opener to prevent it from operating as it can cause injury to you.

Then, loosen up the ‘S’ hock by the drums to change the cable.

Moreover, you can refer to this detailed video on how to repair a broken garage door cable.

Make the cables back on track: Often, cables come off from the pulley. If this happens to you, don’t worry since it is easy to fix it.

To fix it, first, you need to unplug the opener.

Then, manually open the garage door halfway. Hold it in place by clamping it in place and attaching it to the tracks.

Then, get a step ladder to bring back the cable in place.

Once you bring it back, test the door again if it’s operating smoothly.

If you want more detailed instructions, watch this video for a more detailed approach.

Trust Vancouver Overhead Doors for a Garage Door Cable Repair

Fixing or replacing cables can be dangerous if you’re not sure how to do it.

Some people suffer from injuries by merely fixing a garage door.

If you don’t have any prior experience, don’t risk yourself in a life-threatening situation.

Hence, we recommend hiring a professional in Vancouver for a garage door cable repair.

At Vancouver Overhead Doors, we specialize in residential and commercial garage door repairs in Vancouver.

We inspect what might be causing the cable to malfunction.

With us, you’ll experience a safer and efficient repair.

Also, we offer garage door installation; garage door springs replacement, panel replacement, maintenance, and tune-ups.

If you need us urgently, call us since we offer emergency garage door service.

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