Is your garage door opener chain knocking against the rail and causing issues on your garage door?

An opener chain is one of the crucial components of a garage door system.

If it’s causing you problems with your garage door, fix it right away.

Reasons that arise with opener chains are frequent usage and contact with the motor, which causes it to vibrate.

When it is neglected, it can get damaged.

For this reason, it’s essential to tighten your opener chain from time to time.

A loose chain not only produces noise, but it can also make your garage door jump off from the track.

If you’re encountering problems with your garage door, a professional in Vancouver will help you to fix it.

Fixing an opener chain requires a real handyman’s work to do it successfully.

Hence, these are some professional tips on how to fix a broken garage door opener chain.

Steps on How to Fix an Opener Chain

Garage doors last if they are regularly tuned up.

That being said, you need to conduct regular maintenance to keep the opener chain in check.

As always, it’s essential to leave the job to a professional since they know how to fix a broken garage door opener chain.

However, if you’re adamant about fixing the issue on your own, consider these steps on how to fix a broken garage door opener chain.

1 Unplug the opener from the power source

Before you work on the opener chain, consider safety precautions to prevent yourself from injury.

Close the garage door first, then disconnect the opener from the power source.

Doing this step is essential. If you don’t disconnect the opener from the power source, you could be in danger when tinkering with the opener chain on a stepladder.

Lastly, disconnect the garage door from the opener.

If your opener is a square rail type, pull down the release rope.

Otherwise, pull the release rope down and towards the opener if you have a T-rail opener.

2 Locate the Locking and Adjustment Nut

When looking for the adjustment bolt, climb up the stepladder.

Then, locate the trolley to where the bolt is situated.

From there, you can see a five to seven inches fastener near the nuts.

These nuts are for adjusting and locking and are separated by a divider.

Tightening these nuts can increase the tension in the opener chain.

3 Adjust the Locking and Adjustment Nuts

For this step, it will vary on what to do with different kinds of nuts.

For locking nuts, loosen it up by using an adjustable wrench.

For the adjustment nut, tighten it to increase the tension in the opener chain.

Tighten the adjustment nut until it is ¼ inch above the square rail opener and ½ inch above the T-rail opener.

Make sure not to overtighten the adjustment nut to prevent the chain rollers from wearing out.

Afterward, tighten the locking nut using two wrenches – one for securing the adjustment nut and the other to rotate the locking nut.

4 Reconnect the Opener

Plugin the opener to the power source and reattach it to a manual release until the trolley returns to its place.

Another method is to open your garage door with a wall button to snap the trolley back to its location.

If you notice the chains drop after re-engaging the opener, it’s normal.

It will return to its former state when the door opens.

5 Test the Opener Chain

To make sure you have done the right steps, open and close the door a few times to test if the chains no longer knock against the rail.

If it still happens, adjust the nuts once more.

You can also check this video for a more detailed approach on how to fix a broken garage door opener chain.

Call Vancouver Overhead Doors for Repairs!

You should not worry about your opener chain within the year after doing the necessary repairs.

It’s a good thing if your chain is back to normal.

But if the issue still exists, it’s best to consult an emergency garage door service.

With this, regularly check the condition of your opener by Vancouver Overhead Doors.

We serve in Vancouver, offering 24 7 garage door repairs, replacement, garage door installation, and maintenance.

If you’re hesitant about fixing a broken garage door opener chain, call us, and we’ll do the repairs for you.

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