Tuning up and ensuring that the garage door is functioning at its best condition ensures that you won’t expect any further excessive cost and repair.

Overhead garage doors are one of the busiest and most used devices in a household.

Maybe, a thousand times in a year, you open and close your garage doors.

However, constant use of overhead garage doors puts an immense stress on the garage doors’ parts and accessories.

So, keeping it in its best condition can help you ease your worries about damages and risks in security.

Also, a badly maintained garage door can inflict a possible risk on the family and damage the property.

In this post, we will introduce and discuss easy-quick steps for tuning up your garage doors.

Moreover, these tips ingrain the importance of annual inspection performed by the garage door repairman/experts, maintenance, and check-ups promoting a reliable, effective performance of the door.

Furthermore, the steps introduced require no professional skills.

Also, you can easily find the equipment and tools used in a household toolbox.

Precautionary Measures

Safety is one thing to make sure that you and your garage repair team executes every step correctly and precisely.

Follow these steps provided to ensure a safe working environment:

  1. Unplug the automatic door opener.
  2. Clamp the roller track to avoid it from moving. Also, make sure that the overhead garage door is immovable.
  3. Ensure that a lift cable cannot move during the tuning up.
  4. Never adjust or move the tension on the overhead garage door. This job is best suited for experts.

Inspection of the Door’s Accessories

The garage door’s constant moving can cause wear and tear to the garage door’s hardware parts.

So, you need to check and inspect the conditions of the bolts and screws in your garage door assembly.

If the loosening of the components is evident, you should immediately tighten the loose parts.

Maintenance of the Seals for the Chains, Door and Springs

When it comes to maintaining your chains, doors, and springs, make sure to lubricate the joints frequently.

Spray-on type lubricants are available from any garage door repair company.

Constant application of the motor oil can help open and close the overhead garage door to function smoothly.

Also, lubrication can help in extending the life of the chains, doors, and springs.

Thus, you can expect a quiet and smooth operation between garage door parts.

Door Testing

Door testing is a must to inspect and check during the tuning up. Also, the perfect balancing of the overhead garage door can help reduce noise and possible risks.

The first step in knowing if the door is balanced is separating the opener from the door and slowly releasing it.

Second, have the door lifted halfway.

If the door continues to hang halfway without an immediate shutting, then your overhead garage door is well-balanced.

However, if the door shuts immediately, then the source of the problem is the tension springs located above the door.

In this situation, it is best to call for a garage door repairman to do the adjustment and replacement of the springs.

Experts do inspection

A professional inspecting your garage door is an ideal thing to do.

Annual check-ups by the experts on the hardware and other accessories can ensure your overhead garage doors’ safety and conditions.

Specifically, the inspector will check every component and will immediately replace the problematic parts.

Also, you can most likely purchase the parts and accessories in any garage repair company found near your place.

Check out Vancouver Overhead Doors for genuine garage door spare parts.

Moreover, you should ask for an expert to do a complete tune-up procedure for your garage doors once a year.

To add, tuning up on both the torsion and extension springs are best left for the experts.


Safety and damage prevention are some of the reasons why regular tune-up is needed.

Keen inspection and correct screening of all the garage door components can correct all issues.

Furthermore, inspection and regular maintenance can extend the longevity of the overhead garage door.

A tune-up is one way to ensure the safety and quality of the property.

Using the right materials that meet local standards can help you avoid expensive repairs.

Moreover, routine tune-up and maintenance can ensure your overhead garage door’s longevity with an estimated span of 10 to 30 years.

So, keep up and continue your tuning up routine!

If you cannot handle the tune up and maintenance yourself, our reliable experts at Vancouver Overhead Doors are always ready to assist you.

Our best team will help you resolve the situation well.

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