Garage doors are convenient. Opening and closing is such a breeze with just a click of the remote.

Because of this, you must keep your remote in good condition at all times.

The last thing you would like to happen is when you go home to find out your garage door is not working; thus, you can’t open your door.

Luckily, fixing a remote is easy if you know the real issue of why your garage door remote is not working consistently.

Furthermore, this guide will help you why a garage door remote is not working consistently and what you can do about it.

 Why Does a Garage Door Remote Malfunctions?

The remote works with the opener to allow the door to open and close.

When you click the remote, it sends the signal to the opener to make the door move.

However, if you’re having difficulty in opening or closing your garage door, check your remote.

Moreover, these are ways you can do when a garage door remote is not working consistently.

1 There is a disruption in the signal.

A signal makes the remote and the opener communicates with each other so that you can open and close the overhead door at your will.

However, a signal disruption might be causing your remote to malfunction.

The issues can stem from either a broken antenna or an out of range remote.

To check which of the two issues are causing your signal to disrupt, stand 20 feet away from your garage door and click the remote.

If it’s working, then there is no problem with your remote.

After, you can check the antenna if it’s pointing toward the garage door or if it has signs of damage.

If there is damage, contact your trusted technician in Vancouver to inspect the issue and repair it right away.

After all, the antenna and remote should work to operate the garage door.

2 The battery is dead.

This is the most common issue when garage door remote malfunctions.

When was the last time you replaced the batteries?

If it’s beyond two years, you need to replace it.

Old batteries won’t make the remote work again as it stops signaling the opener to make the door move.

To be sure, you can also check the transmitter batteries.

If it’s working, the door opens when you manipulate with the wall-mounted control panel.

Most likely, the remote battery is the issue and needs replacement.

3 The lock feature is engaged.

Make sure to check if the lock on your control panel is engaged.

Locking the control panel is a common issue as some homeowners can accidentally press it while doing everyday activities.

Activating the lock button will prevent the opener from responding to the remote.

To fix this issue, press the lock button to disengage.

Then, press the remote to test if the door’s moving again.

4 The remote requires reprogramming.

If there is still a problem with your remote, you can try reprogramming it.

Sometimes, the signal between the garage door remote and opener can be interrupted and needs to reset.

To successfully perform this task, press the opener learn button for 30 seconds.

Within that period, click the button on your remote until the LED light appears.

Test the remote once again if the reprogramming was successful.

To make sure you have done the right steps, you can also watch this short video.

5 GFI is blown

Another reason your garage door remote is not working is that the Ground Fault Interpreter (GFI) is damaged.

A GFI prevents overheating on electrical devices, thus protecting your home from danger.

If a GFI malfunctions, it would stop the door from moving.

You can fix a blown GFI by clicking the reset button on the controls connected to the garage door.

You can find the GFI in the laundry room, garage, or main bathroom.

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