For residents in Vancouver, garage doors are among the crucial investments they can acquire to protect their vehicles and valuables from external risks and extreme environmental conditions.

But, what if your garage door opener malfunctions? What if it won’t open using the remote?

With these questions, there’s no doubt that having a reliable garage door repair specialist can come in handy, especially during the most unexpected moments.

For most people, having a malfunctioning garage door opener is one of the stressing experiences one can go through.

However, you can avoid expensive repair costs by observing  regular maintenance and following these quick troubleshooting tips.

Check the Situation of the Garage Door

If your garage door doesn’t open due to a malfunctioning opener, you can use the emergency release cord to force the garage door open.

During the opening process, check if the sliding motion is fluid and if it produces an excessive noise.

Aside from your opener, observe if the rough opening or closing movement produces stress on the rollers, springs, and tracks.

If you believe the problem has nothing to do with your garage door opener, keep an eye on the said components as well.

Precautionary Measure to Know

Before inspecting your garage door opener or installing a new one, make sure that the garage door stays closed.

After that, take out the remote‘s batteries and ensure that the surrounding is free from falling debris.

Wall Switch Malfunctions

If you notice that the garage door remote opener functions well, then check to see if the wall switch is malfunctioning.

If it does, you should consider replacing the wall switches to prevent further problems from occurring.

At this point, having a trusted garage door repair technician is crucial, as they will also inspect the wiring within the switch to see if there are electrical faults in your system or the component.

Besides, working without proper insulation, equipment, and knowledge in electrical troubleshooting can lead to severe injuries and expensive damages.

So it’s better to leave this part to the professionals.

After inspection, using the right model to replace the bad switch is the first step to do.

Garage door repair specialists like Vancouver Overhead Doors also supply genuine parts replacement for all garage door models.

So you don’t have to hop between companies as it takes only one team to get the job done within the same day.

Garage Door Remote Opener Malfunctions

Replacing your remote batteries should be the first step in troubleshooting it.

If you’re left with no luck, buying the same model of the remote can fix this issue.

Still no results? Then consider seeking a garage door repair technician to diagnose and replace your garage door opener assembly.

Garage Door Sensor Issues

If your garage door only works when holding the wall switch, then you might have a faulty garage door sensor.

Check if the door sensor is turned on and is working well.

If you don’t see any indicator lights turning on, then it might imply that something is wrong with your sensors.

Check the sensor’s alignment or consider replacing it with a new safety sensor if the issue keeps on happening.

Moreover, avoid letting direct sunlight hit the sensors as it could affect the sensor’s performance.

Loosening of the Trolley Carriage

You can notice this issue when the trolley carriages function, but the door isn’t moving at all.

If this problem is consistently occurring, consider changing the trolley carriage completely.

Moreover, we advise clamping the chain to the rail.

This will help in maintaining the chain’s location in the right position during the replacement.

After securing the chains, carefully remove the trolley and slide in the new trolley in the right place to prevent the same issues from happening.

Regular Lube Rubbing on the Trolley

Regularly lubricating the trolley minimises friction and further extends your opener’s lifespan.

By applying the right lubricants, you can avoid possible problems on the railing and the trolley later on.

Moreover, use lubricants that do not attract dirt and particles.

We highly recommend using Silicon-based lubricants for all kinds of garage door trolleys.

Inspection to the Chain Tension

Checking the chain tension and doorknobs is something you can do to avoid door opener problems in the future.

Correct tensioning of the chain can avoid wear on the gear and also extend your chain’s lifespan.

Moreover, adjusting the distance your door travels when closing is one way to minimize friction on the garage door opener.


Regularly maintaining your garage doors will help you prevent common issues from taking their toll, including garage door openers.

Moreover, seeking help from professionals for a yearly inspection can help you avoid troubles later on.

If you want the best overhead door repairs, don’t hesitate to visit and call Vancouver Overhead Doors at (778) 654 6470.

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