Living a fast-paced lifestyle in Vancouver means leaving no rooms for unwanted delays and emergencies.

With that, setbacks such as a malfunctioning garage door may seriously disrupt a fully-scheduled routine.

That said, you might want to have a reliable garage door maintenance specialist that’s one call away.

They’ll come equipped with the tools and skills to resolve these issues immediately.

Garage doors breakdown because they are subjected to tremendous amounts of tension every day.

Considering that your garage door plays a vital role in your home security, you should sort out its issues as soon as possible.

The most common garage doors that can sometimes jump off their tracks are tilt doors.

Tilt doors are easiest to use and maintain.

But if it gets off track, you should fix it as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

Before calling for a garage door specialist, read and understand first the steps and guidelines below for you to do your own repairs using the tools available at your homes.

Prepare The Tools

Vancouver Overhead Doors use these tools for the preparation and execution of garage door repairs:

Disconnect The Door From The Opener

After preparing the tools needed, the first things you need to do is separate or disconnect the door from the opener.

If your garage door opener is automatic, pull the overhead strings to disconnect the door from the mechanisms.

And now you can open and close the door manually.

Locate Where The Rollers Are Jumping Off The Track

After you disconnect the door from the opener, open the door partially to move the wheels.

Make sure that you force it to the point where they are jumping off the track.

Once you have located its position, use your vice grips to hold the door open by clamping it on one end of the track.

Open Up The Track Using Pliers

Once you successfully clamp your vice grips, take the pliers and pry open the track to see where the rollers have come off.

Open the track wide but not excessively— to guarantee the rollers can move back into position.

If it’s more than one roller that comes off the track, repeat the process for all the affected rollers.

Afterwards, push the rollers back into position

Use the rubber mallet to knock the track back into position.

When all the rollers are back in place and the track is repaired, you need to remove the locking pliers and make sure if it’s working.

Check If The Door Is Working Normally

Now, try to operate the door manually.

If you have an automatic opening mechanism, just press the open button to operate the door as you always do.

As the door moves through its opening, it will catch the release mechanism and begin to open the door as normal.

Open and close the garage door a few times to ensure it is working properly.


Garage doors are key features of your residence, that’s why you need to choose a functional and practical garage door suitable for your needs.

Make sure to always check your garage door every time you leave the house.

Still, regular maintenance is a must to avoid problems, and it can save you resources and time in fixing or repairing it.

If you still find your door disengaged from the rails than usual, it may be because the track is damaged.

When your garage door is in a state beyond repair, you need to seek professional help from Vancouver Overhead Doors to restore it as soon as possible.

Don’t leave your house with an unsecured garage door. Call us at (778) 654 6470 to help you address the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

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