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    24 \7 Garage Door Repair Service

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    Vancouver Overhead Doors offer a 24/7 garage door repair service to cater to your concerns any time of the day!

    Emergency Garage Door Services

    Garage doors offer convenience and security to every household. After all, if you have a car, it’s natural to own a garage.

    Similar to other equipment, garage doors need regular attention and care to ensure it moves smoothly.

    If you have been neglecting maintenance, now is the time to do so.

    Aside from saving you from costs, you’ll extend the life of your garage door.

    However, if you have been encountering garage door issues, leave the job to Vancouver Overhead Doors to deal with them.

    We have a team of experts in Vancouver capable of fixing any type of garage door problems – from a broken cable, spring, track, roller, and so on.

    Avoid fixing the problems by yourself because you might be causing more damage to your garage door.

    While you’re considering DIY to resolve the issue right away, it’s never an option.

    We at Vancouver Overhead Doors provide 24 7 garage door repair service.

    After all, overhead door issues can arise from time to time, and we know you want to get rid of it right away.

    We make sure to provide the best garage door service in Vancouver.

    Further, these are the services that we provide around the clock:

    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Due to frequent use on garage doors, it can strain the cables over time.

    Garage door cables assist the spring to regulate the door’s movement.

    If it is damaged, it can cause problems with the garage door’s operation.

    Moreover, these are the telltale signs to spot a damaged cable:

    • Worn-out cables
    • Uneven garage door movement
    • The garage door shuts immediately.

    Once you’re encountering these issues, a replacement is necessary.

    Replacing the cable by yourself might risk yourself danger and even injury.

    Hence, it’s better to leave the job to Vancouver Overhead Doors to replace the cables for you.

    We will inspect the issue to know how we will do the job.

    Garage Door Springs Replacement

    Springs come in two types – extension and tension. Extension springs are easier to deal with.

    On the other hand, tension springs are more difficult to replace since they hold a lot of stored energy, which releases when the garage door moves.

    Moreover, these are the signs that contribute to a garage door spring:

    • Poor Maintenance
    • Visible signs of wear and tear
    • Rust and Corrosion

    Whether you have an extension or tension spring, it’s best to leave the replacement to a professional.

    Just like replacing cables, springs can be challenging to work with if you do it by yourself.

    When you work with us, we will replace it for you.

    Plus, it’s much safer and efficient if you rely upon the task to us.

    Garage Door Hinges, Sensors, and Rollers Repair

    Hinges secure the garage door system in place.

    If there are signs of corrosion or wearing, make sure to lubricate it or tighten it when necessary.

    On the other hand, garage door sensors are part of the electrical components of a garage door.

    It signals the door to close or open it when there’s an obstruction in the way.

    Moreover, you can spot an issue with sensors when the door opens after it lowers.

    With this, it’s essential to get it checked by us to address the issue.

    Lastly, rollers keep the smooth movement of your door.

    If there are cracks on the roller, make sure to replace it right away as it can misalign the doors.

    Make sure that you leave the repairs for rollers, hinges, and sensors to us.

    These issues require a highly-skilled technician to fix the damages.

    Garage Door Track Adjustment and Repair

    If your door is off-track because you have accidentally bumped your car before, get it fixed right away.

    A misaligned track can cause the door to work poorly.

    For this reason, the professional should make the adjustments and repairs, especially if you’re not an experienced DIYer.

    To see how tracks are adjusted, watch this.

    Receive our High-Quality Service!

    If you’re in Vancouver and suffering from garage door problems, call us, and we’ll cater to your problem.

    We pride in being a 24 7 garage door repair service, willing to assist you any time of the day.

    Even if you call us at midnight or early in the morning, we will promptly cater to you.

    What are you waiting for? Call us now to say hello to your fully-functional garage door!

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