Inside the New ‘Bells and Whistles’ on Dunbar St. – Scout Magazine

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    Inside the New ‘Bells and Whistles’ on Dunbar St. – Scout Magazine

    Garage Door Spring Installation Vancouver

    The new Dunbar location of Bells and Whistles (4497 Dunbar Street at West 29th Avenue) is on track to softly open for friends and family tonight with an official opening set for this weekend.

    Dunbar would be right to be excited about this project from Gooseneck Hospitality. Aside from sports-screening establishments being scarce in the neighbourhood, the food and drink are worthy of anticipation, the high standards of both being well-established not only by the original Bells and Whistles in the Fraserhood but also by all of Gooseneck’s other restaurants: Bufala, Wildebeest and Lucky Taco.

    If this is the first you’re hearing about the second coming of Bells and Whistles, here’s some intel from when we broke the news last month:

    When it launches in August, the new Bells and Whistles will feature 48 seats inside and another 36 on the adjacent patio (accessed via a garage door) with a massive screen for viewing games and sporting events (one at a time) behind the bar. They’re still determining exactly how much of the original menu will be on offer, but frankly there are so many well conceived home run comforts on it that it wouldn’t be crazy to expect there will be many, such as the All-Day Breakfast Sandwich.

    The menu is now online, and it reads like a greatest hits list of everything sports lovers like to eat during the big game, everything from deep fried calamari and cheeseburgers to chicken wings and chili cheese fries. If that all…


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