Are there times when you’re not sure whether you have closed the garage door?

Do you need a method in which you can check the status of your garage door?

A smart garage door controller may help you with those problems.

These small devices remotely control access to your garage from your Android or iPhone devices.

Wireless garage technology is here even before the birth of the Internet.

However, today’s wireless innovations unlocked new capabilities for a smarter and more intuitive garage door opener system.

These devices connect to your existing garage door opener and let you open or close your garage door (or even just to know whether it’s open) from anywhere you are, using an app or a voice assistant.

In setting up your WiFi garage door opener there are two ways to work on it using your iPhone or Android device.

Connecting WiFi Garage Door Opener to a WiFi Network

Before you hook up the garage door opener to your WiFi home network, you will need the following:

Connect with the iOS mobile device

  1. Create an account for the WiFi garage door you’ve been using, if you already have one, log into the WiFi garage app.
  2. In the Device Setup screen, select WiFi Ceiling.
  3. After reaching the What You Need screen, tap next.
  4. Select your Wall Control and follow the instructions to enable WiFi learning mode.
  5. Tap the Menu, use the down arrow, and select Program by tapping the side arrow,  use the down arrow and choose the WiFi Setup by tapping the side arrow.
  6. Lift the button cover and then press and release the Learn button.
  7. Hold the “Learn” button for 5 to 6 seconds and notice the flashing LED right below the front button.
  8. Tap “Next” and then tap “Yes,”  if you hear a beep sound;
  9. Leave the WiFi garage door app and go to your phone’s WiFi settings.
  10. Tap the network that begins with your WiFi garage door opener.
  11. Return to the WiFi garage door opener app and tap “Next”.
  12. Select the home WiFi network you are using from the list.
  13. Type in the password and tap Next. Your WiFi garage door opener is now starting to connect to the network.
  14. Input your preferred garage door opener name and choose “Next”.
  15. Tap Finish after you completely set everything up. Now, the app connects to the garage door opener.
  16. Test the garage door by tapping it to activate the opener.

Connect with Android mobile device

  1. Create a WiFi garage door opener account, if you already have one, log into the WiFi garage door opener app you are using.
  2. Open your Location settings when prompted.
  3. On the Device Setup screen in WiFi Ceiling app, tap Garage Door Opener
  4. On the What You Need section, look for the next button and tap it.
  5. Choose the type of Wall Control that is identical to yours and follow the instructions to activate WiFi learn mode.
  6. Tap the Menu button, and browse for the Program button.
  7. Select WiFi setup through the side arrow.
  8. In your garage door opener, press and hold the Learn button for about 5 seconds, then the front button LED should begin flashing.
  9. In the Discovered section, select the network that your WiFi garage door opener device connects.
  10. Find and select your wireless network from the list on your screen.
  11. Enter password of the network and press Next. The garage door opener app is now starting to connect with the system.
  12. Input your preferred garage door opener name and tap Next.
  13. After finishing it, you can find your new device in the app dashboard.
  14. Activate your opener by tapping the garage door button.

Make sure you follow these steps so you can successfully set up your WIFI garage door opener.


Nowadays, digitalization has become a trend, especially when it comes to the safety and security of our properties.

Just like a smart garage opener which has wireless features that takes it to another level.

One of which is by being able to open and close your garage with a tap on your smartphone.

Activity alerts as well as the status of your garage doors can now be observed through WiFi integration.

Very convenient, right?

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