Steel garage doors are low-maintenance and extremely durable.

It is one of the preferable Steel garage doors are low-maintenance and extremely durable.

It is one of the preferable options if you’re investing in a very cost-effective garage door.

Your garage door is a critical entryway for every home, just like any doors.

Hence, they need to be up to the task of handling heavy everyday use.

Even at one glance from afar, your garage door highlights the exterior of your home. That’s why many people take the time to maintain and preserve a functional and aesthetic garage door.

Because of that, you need to keep your garage door looking its best without making any cranky noises that might disturb your neighbors.

But what if your steel garage door isn’t working like how it’s supposed to?

When it makes an unusual noise when operating, or experience delays when using the remote, then you need a professional to inspect or troubleshoot your garage door.

With that, the following should help you fix noisy, clunky, unresponsive, and stuck garage door systems, getting your door to work as good as new.

Inspect your Garage Door

Check the following parts:

Garage Door Motors

When your garage door produces excessive noise, it is usually the result when the motor of your opener is having trouble pulling the component.

Your opener will continue to make more noise than usual, like squeaking or clanking.

Hence, consider replacing your motors as soon as possible.


It is the muscle of your garage door and plays a vital role in pulling the door up.

When it breaks, an immense amount of energy is displaced.

It is because the torsion springs are mounted over the garage door, and it has a shaft running through the middle.

Garage door springs might unwind in less than a second and create a loud noise due to the coils spinning on the shaft.

Replace a new spring for your garage door for it to function well.


Cables can sometimes become disengaged. When a torsion spring breaks, your garage door cable will snap.

Your cable can cause damage to vehicles and property.

Worse, if a person happens to be near the cable, it can cause serious harm.

If you find a snapped cable, immediately call a professional repairs technician to help you.


The common reason why your garage door remotes start malfunctioning is a dead battery.

Try holding the remote next to your garage door motor unit.

If it doesn’t work, replacing the battery is the easiest way to solve the problem.

However, if you still find your remote unusable, seek a professional garage door service to have your remote unit replaced.


Garage door hinges tend to deteriorate over time. When it breaks, your garage door will end up opening and closing improperly.

Also, check the screws that hold them on door panels because sometimes they come loose and fall out, causing the same problem as a broken hinge.

Those discussed above are the basic parts of a garage door you need to constantly check to detect and fix problems or damages.

You can’t deny the fact that when your steel garage door ages, it will eventually breakdown.

That’s why choosing a steel garage door that is durable, insulated, and trustworthy is the best option.

Reliable And Efficient Garage Door Repair Service

After inspecting your garage door, it is best to seek professional assistance regarding the repair to avoid more damage in fixing it.

Make sure to have a reliable and efficient service to make your money worth it.

Besides, taking a good look on your garage doors first will help you come up with the proper action.

It will save you money and time. If the problem seems to be easy like replacing batteries of remotes— then that’s a good sign.

But if it requires repairing and replacing garage door motors, electronics and parts, it is best to ask for guidance from experts.

Let them do the work for you. Same goes for services such as:

Make an action before it causes more problems in the future. The earlier, the better.

With this, you can also save time and money.

Call for professionals in garage door services because they can offer you expertise and specializations needed for effective and thorough repairs.

For your steel garage door repairs and maintenance, trust Vancouver Overhead Doors and experience time-tested and reliable service.

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