Commercial garage doors have become a trend among business establishment owners.

Storage facilities require a sturdier and more durable commercial garage door to fulfill day-to-day operations.

For a business establishment owner, a commercial garage door ensures the safety of the storage facility.

So if you have a storage facility that requires a garage door, you should have at least a basic knowledge about the standard garage door sizes.

Unlike residential garage doors, commercial garage doors accommodate taller vehicles like trucks.

To guide you, Vancouver Overhead Doors is here to present the standard garage door sizes for trucks and the vital factors to consider.

Readily Available Garage Door Sizes for Trucks

For convenience, garage door manufacturers create standard commercial garage door sizes, which trucks can enter.

So if you are a commercial establishment owner, all you have to do is shop and wait for the delivery of the garage door.

Of course, the width and height of the garage door would depend on the height of your establishment’s opening and truck.

Here are some of the standard garage door sizes for trucks (in width x height):

Note that a roll-up garage door has a higher height requirement since it has an overhead space to store the “rolled up” door.

On the other hand, an overhead garage door slides all the way to the ceiling.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Garage Door Size

Choosing the appropriate garage door sizes for trucks is not as easy as you think it is.

Here are some of the things that you should consider to choose the best commercial garage door size:

Establishment’s Opening

For a residential garage, it is easy to match the garage opening and the available garage door size in the market.

However, for a commercial establishment, the standard size of the commercial garage door is usually not fit for the establishment’s opening.

Thus, it requires careful and intricate planning.

To solve the commercial garage door’s sizing problem, don’t hesitate to call Vancouver Overhead Doors.

Together, we can plan the design of your establishment with the perfect commercial garage door that can definitely fit your trucks.

Type of Mechanism

As mentioned earlier, you can choose from a roll-up garage door or an overhead garage door.

A roll-up garage door maximizes your limited space as it hides the door in a compartment at the top.

Meanwhile, an overhead door hangs along its track at the ceiling.

So if you have a limited ceiling space, it is best to choose a roll-up garage door.

Also, an overhead door can be dangerous if there are some failures along the garage door’s tracks.

Aside from roll-up and overhead doors, you can also avail a commercial garage door that can open sideways.

A horizontal sliding garage door is easier to control and more appealing.

However, it is a specialized type of garage door, so it might not always be available in the market.

Standard Thickness

Aside from the width and height of the commercial garage door, you also need to consider the thickness.

Since commercial garage doors experience more movement, it might be best to go for an insulated garage door.

The commercial garage door’s thickness can be up to 3 inches to achieve proper insulation.

If you want guidance about insulated garage doors, you can connect to Vancouver Overhead Doors.

We are experts in insulating commercial establishments through the garage door – especially for temperature-dependent storage facilities.

Quick and Excellent Garage Door Services in Vancouver

Vancouver Overhead Doors provide garage door services to commercial establishments.

After finding the most appropriate commercial garage door, you can call our certified garage door installers.

We guarantee quick, safe, and high-quality garage door installation.

The size or type of garage door does not matter to us because we can install all kinds of garage doors.

Trusted Garage Door Experts

We understand the importance of a commercial garage door to your business.

So the moment you encounter problems that require a garage door repair, Vancouver Overhead Doors will always be at your back.

We are available 24/7, so never hesitate to contact our garage door technicians in Vancouver.

Experience the best garage door installation, garage door repair, and other garage door services in Vancouver by booking an appointment with us.

Many of the homeowner’s and businesses’ priorities are security; thus, the garage is one of the essential assets we need to invest in.

A garage door is among the most significant entryways in a house or a building since we use it daily to enter and exit our homes using our vehicles.

It protects our property from unwelcome guests or thieves along with seasonal elements such as rain, snow, too much heat, and dirt.

However, there are several factors that you should consider when planning to build a garage door, like the layout, the possible storage area, and the most vital requirement is the size.

We recommend you call the local garage door professionals like Vancouver Overhead Doors to make your job easier.

Our proficient and trusted experts can ensure quality, reliable service and assist you in any garage door-related issue.


Garage door sizes are ultimately limitless; it comes in various sizes, but for trucks such as full-sized and mid-size, it is generally measured 8 feet wide, and the 7 feet tall door same goes with SUVs and pick-up trucks.

If you opt to have an additional and more oversized vehicle, you can have a Double garage door size that measures typically 12 feet to 18 feet wide and 7 feet to 8 feet in height.

Many people use a double garage door size even if they aim to park only one car to use the other one as storage for the car tools and gardening materials, especially the lawnmower.

Aside from that, there is also a rare garage door size that can fit three or more vehicles called Triple garage door size that measures 20 feet to 30 feet wide and 8 feet in height.

This enormous garage door size is economically better than installing three separate garage doors but awkwardly exposes all parked vehicles inside whenever you open the garage door.

Furthermore, bulky containers and massive trucks can accommodate through Commercial size garage doors.

The standard commercial garage door size is 32 feet wide and 24 feet in height and also suitable for moving equipment, semi-trucks, heavy-duty trucks, utility vans, and even cars with storage perfect for business owners.

If you have a specific case wherein you want to adjust garage door size, you can choose a Custom garage door size that can modify dimensions depending on your liking.

Take note when building a garage door; it is essential to deliberate the type, sizes of your truck, and the needs based on the number of your vehicle you’ll be parking to ensure the proper fit in the garage.


After knowing the garage door sizes and planning to install one, you must also consider the garage doors’ quality, thickness, and design.

When installing a garage door, you will need to know the accurate measurement of the garage itself.

With its opening, side room, headroom, and backroom, assembling the countless pieces or parts of the door, setting up the rollers, attaching the brackets, and putting many steps in the garage door.

Although DIY can be an option when installing, it is safer to call a professional garage door technician to lessen your burden since it is big, heavy, and too much work.

Also, you can pick between the manual or automatic door for your garage.


Remember that we regularly use the garage door, and there is a high chance of malfunctioning and needing significant restoration.

One frequent problem is the noisy garage door that can be fixed through routine maintenance and replacing parts like door hinge or bearings.

Another one is when the garage door is old and worn-out, which can cause injuries or unfortunate accidents; replacing or installing one is recommended.

Many complications like spring replacement, electricity concerns, and severely damaged garage doors are not possible to fix yourself.

In these circumstances, you will need an expert and prevent yourself from accidents and severity.

Whether you need a standard size, installing and replacing a garage door regardless of your demands, Vancouver Overhead Door is a consistent and reputable expert who is more than happy to help you.

We provide superior quality on top of dependable services because we prioritize your home or business’ safety and security.

Give us a ring, and our friendly specialists are waiting in the wings to help you out around Vancouver 24/7.

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