A typical house in Canada typically has a single-car garage.

It is either built attached to the house or separately, detached from it, or both.

The standard single car garage dimension is 12ft x 20 feet, or 240 sqm and 7 feet high.

The 9 ft is allocated for garage doors and leaving a few feet enough for opening of car doors.

The garage also serves as a storage for tools and equipment for car fixing and other stuff like bicycles, motorcycles, or scooters.

That is why getting the right size and dimension for your garage is essential since its primary purpose is to shelter your vehicle and keep your house, family, and properties.

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What are the Factors to Consider in Building your Single Car Garage?

Before building your garage, there are points to consider to ensure that the car garage size fits your needs and lifestyle.

Car Size

Most vehicles can fit the standard size of a single-car garage; however, bigger SUVs, trucks, and vans do not fit this size easily.

The size of your garage has to accommodate the size of your vehicle, so before building your garage area, make sure your car fits perfectly inside.

Curb Appeal

Having a lovely-looking and adequately working garage door increases your home’s worth and curb appeal, as seen from the street.

So before building your garage, determine what type of materials you would want your garage to be made of.

Car Clearance

For sure, you might not want your car to bump into the wall while backing or while opening its door.

For a car door to be opened conveniently in a carport, it has to have a dimension of at least 3 feet on both sides and rear to get out comfortably.

This is also perfect if you bring out a large item from the car, a baby carrier or baby seat, which are pretty bulky in size.

Garage Door Opener

There should also have enough space for a garage door opener in a garage for it to operate smoothly.

To avoid accidents and injuries, there has to be no obstruction from any side, especially when it is opening and closing.


You can build a high ceiling garage and build a loft inside intended for a living area or a small office.

A loft inside the garage is also a perfect spot for a man cave, with a gaming and play area where you can gather friends and enjoy.

Other Purpose

For some, it serves as the laundry area and where the clothes are hung too.

The garage is also their DIY and work area for crafty homeowners, especially for fathers who love to fix and create things.

If that is the case, there is a designated workshop area in the garage intended for this purpose.

Put up a bench and a table, assemble some shelves on the wall for the power tools, and have the workshop area you want.

How to Determine the Size of Your Single Car Garage?

Consider Your Needs

What else would you want to include in your garage?

Storage? Laundry area? Workshop area? Venue for parties?

Determine the other function of your carport aside from sheltering your vehicle and decide how big your car garage should be.

Consider your Budget

Let us know if the budget is a little constricted, and let’s see what we can come up with.

Know the Measurement of your Car

When you plan to buy a house, go on house tours and bring a metric tape.

Ensure that you know your vehicle’s dimensions and measure if it fits the garage door and the carport itself.

Also, check if the car doors can open conveniently when inside the garage.

Vancouver Overhead Doors can help you build a garage designed to fit your needs.

We can construct customized size sheds for your vehicle and other purposes that you require.

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