Today, garage doors have become a necessary part of our home security.

As a garage owner, you want to protect your car or garage not only from security threats but from extreme weather conditions as well.

Moreover, did you know that a garage door can actually improve your home property value?

That’s why more and more garage owners are investing in a garage door.

But you cannot deny that price is a deciding factor in considering a garage door.

And one question that may have slipped into your mind is should you buy used garage doors?

We know that it is a hard decision, so Vancouver Overhead Doors is here to help you.

As the leading garage door experts, we present these factors that you should consider if you would buy a used garage door:

Age of the Garage Door

Usually, a garage door lasts for about 15-30 years.

However, its garage door parts, such as springs, cables, and opener, may not last longer than the garage door itself.

So it is essential to ask the age of the garage door, so you may know if it is worth it to buy.

Also, you should inspect the garage door for signs of aging, such as rusts, dents, and cracks.

Size of the Garage Door

In buying a used garage door, its garage door size should fit your garage opening.

Although most garage doors today come in standard sizes, there are a lot of sizes to consider.

In Vancouver, a single-car garage door usually has a width x height dimension of 8×7, 9×7, 10×7, 8×8, 9×8, or 10×8 feet.

Meanwhile, a two-car garage door has standard sizes of 12×7, 14×7, 16×7, 18×7, 12×8, 14×8, 16×8, and 18×8 feet.

The garage door should not be larger than the rough opening.

Basically, rough opening means the total width or height with the added space for framing.

If you don’t know how to measure your garage door accurately, Vancouver Overhead Doors is here to serve you.

Our garage door measuring devices and techniques can undoubtedly help you find the perfect garage door.

Condition of the Garage Door

Before purchasing an old garage door, you should test it thoroughly.

To help you decide, here are some of the warning signs of a faulty or worn-out garage door:

If you notice one of the signs above, it is best not to purchase that used garage door.

Also, you can rely on Vancouver Overhead Doors to assess a garage door.

We can give you a comprehensive report on whether you should buy the used garage door or look for a new one.

What’s the Best Decision?

Should you buy used garage doors?

With the factors presented above, ask yourself if a used garage door is really worth buying.

But if you want a garage door expert’s opinion, Vancouver Overhead Doors believes it is best to buy a new garage door instead of a used one.

A new garage door can prevent the costly garage door repair of a used garage door.

Moreover, a garage door can only be a worthy investment if it will last long.

Best Garage Door Installers in Vancouver

After buying a garage door – whether it is new or old – Vancouver Overhead Doors can install your garage door efficiently and flawlessly.

Our certified garage door technicians have established their name as the best garage door installers in Vancouver.

We will take accurate garage opening measurements, provide professional advice, and install the garage door without faults.

You can always rely on Vancouver Overhead Doors, so don’t hesitate to contact our team now.

24/7 Garage Door Services

If you encounter a garage door problem, ask for our emergency garage door repair at Vancouver Overhead Doors now.

We are always on standby to solve your garage door concerns 24/7.

Right after your call, we will dispatch a garage door technician who has the complete garage door tools and gear according to your needs.

So for urgent garage door services, Vancouver Overhead Doors is the right partner to call.

So speak to our friendly staff now.

Apart from the main entrance door, the garage door is another entryway into the house.

It is also the most prominent house opening since it serves as the housing for vehicles.

When it comes to the facade, it is the most significant piece that can be seen from the front and the “eye-catcher” of the house.

With the rise of using pre-owned items in this era, such as pre-owned vehicles, clothes, furniture, some are even selling their used garage doors.

Should you buy a used garage door?

In any circumstances, buying a used garage door is not recommended to replace your existing door.

It is not right to compromise your vehicle, pet, or loved ones’ safety by using pre-owned garage doors.

It may appear that you have saved money in buying a thrifty garage door, but damages and problems might appear sooner.

And might cost you more with the repair.

Call an expert in garage door installation like Vancouver Overhead Doors to help you set up a better door for your garage.

Reasons Why Buying a Garage Door is Not Recommended

Have you needed to change your garage door but consider saving a little money?

Or are you having only a small budget for garage door renovation?

Are you having thoughts of buying a used garage door instead?

We do not recommend it, and here are the reasons why.

Unfit Size

One thing to consider in buying a used garage door is the size.

Since they are pre-made, the chances are that they do not perfectly fit your garage opening.

It can also threaten potential thieves and extreme weather, such as warm air in the summer and cold air during the winter.


There is no guarantee that its parts are still intact and working perfectly, unlike using a new garage door.

It might have loose hinges, rusty crew, and worn-out rollers, which could potentially cause accidents that might harm your properties and loved ones.

Hidden Damages

The chances are that there are unseen creatures such as small insects, animals, and pests inside the garage door, especially if it is made of wood.

Constant changes of weather could also bring damage.

Moreover, fiberglass could have tiny cracks that could break anytime and cause injury later.

No Guarantee

Keep in mind that a used garage door has no warranty, so you have to do it yourself or call a tradesperson for repair when it gets broken.

You don’t know who to go to with a used garage door when things fall apart, unlike with new garage doors that have the guarantee from their maker in case of a material malfunction and defective parts.

It can be dangerous, especially if you’re not an expert when it comes to garage door repairs.

Clearance Space

Some doors require more clearance for the installation of a garage door opener.

Just because the used garage door you’re eyeing for has the same size as the old means, it will work smoothly.

And if the garage door has too wide or too narrow clearance space, which is just right above the door, it is just money down the drain.

Buying a Used garage Door, Is It Worth It?

Installing a used garage door should be left to the professionals, especially if you are not an expert in this matter.

It might cause unfortunate pinning, crushed vehicles, shattered glasses, and many more.

You might have discounted a tiny amount when you purchase a used garage door; however, you still need to pay for the person who will install the garage doors.

And paying for the installer usually costs a hefty amount, which means you did not save the money.

The chances are that there will be no installer who would agree to assemble a used garage door because of the difficulty of installing it and the liability that comes with it.

It also requires special tools and expertise to install a garage door which should only be with trusted professionals.

Not to mention the maintenance and repairs it needs, it will end up being a bit more costly and not worth the money in the long run.

Do not compromise your family and your valuables’ safety with a used garage door.

You will be surprised to save more money by purchasing new ones, especially since they last for long years or maybe a lifetime.

Look for trustable and professional garage door installers like Vancouver Overhead Doors.

Contact us now for a free estimate and recommendation fit for your needs.

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