Since Vancouver usually experiences the rainy season, most residential spaces have a roofed garage.

Along with the garage, they use garage doors to heighten security and enclose their cars completely to protect them from weather conditions.

Moreover, a garage door can be a worthy investment as it increases property value by adding curb appeal.

As the garage door has many functions and advantages, you need to take care of it properly.

It is vital to have a trusted garage door services provider to solve your garage door issues.

Luckily, Vancouver Overhead Doors provides residential garage door repair in Vancouver.

If you don’t know when to call a garage door repair, here are some of the circumstances where you need a garage door technician:

Garage Door Remote Not Working

Most garage doors now operate automatically through a garage door opener.

With the automatic opener’s remote device, you can control the garage door’s movement.

However, when the garage door is not responsive, there might be some problems with the remote or the opener.

First, troubleshoot the remote device by replacing the batteries.

If it doesn’t work, it is best to call Vancouver Overhead Doors to pinpoint the problem.

More often than not, there might be some frequency issue or wiring problem, which a garage door technician can only solve.

You can trust our advanced fault-finding technique.

Irregular Noises or Loud Banging Sound

Modern garage doors usually have features that minimize garage door noises.

So if you hear irregular noises or a loud banging sound after closing, there is a high chance of a broken garage door spring.

Most of the time, the typical garage door torsion spring breaks first among all the garage door parts.

Irregular noises or a loud banging sound means that your garage door spring is under a lot of stress than usual.

So it is best to replace the spring right away to avoid property damages and injuries.

Only a garage door technician can accurately and safely replace your garage door’s spring.

Meanwhile, if there are irregular noises without a broken spring, try to lubricate the garage door’s moving parts or clear the track from dirt or debris.

Bent Garage Door Tracks

Garage door tracks serve as a pathway of the garage door rollers.

Each side of the garage door has a track up to its overhead.

If you notice any bent along the track, the following may have caused the problem:

Notice that the tracks can bend from the failures or damages of other garage door parts.

So if you have bent garage door tracks, call a garage door technician.

That way, you can find the exact cause of the bents and repair them right away.

At Vancouver Overhead Doors, aside from finding the cause of the bent, we can assess the damage and repair it when applicable.

Also, if you need new tracks, we can install them for you quickly and flawlessly.

Expert Garage Door Services Provider in Vancouver

Vancouver Overhead Doors is your top garage door services provider in Vancouver.

We have certified garage door technicians with advanced and deep knowledge of garage door services.

We understand how a broken garage door can be dangerous, especially for your security.

So you can expect us to do our residential garage door repair in Vancouver quickly and efficiently.

Our garage door services in Vancouver include but are not limited to:

We guarantee top-quality garage door services with our methodologies tailored to your needs.

Call Dependable Garage Door Technicians Now

Vancouver Overhead Doors is open 24/7 to solve your garage door concerns.

We have the appropriate set of tools and advanced equipment to do all kinds of garage door services – no matter how trivial or complicated it is.

So for garage door repair, installation, or maintenance services, Vancouver Overhead Doors is your top pick.

Before booking an appointment, you can also ask for a quote.

We will provide garage door services at the most affordable and reasonable price.

Call our service-oriented team now, and we guarantee a 100% satisfaction rating.

A house’s first impression always starts with its facade.

And the garage door is the biggest attraction of a house’s exterior design and one of the main factors that increase your house’s curb appeal.

Since it serves as the primary entrance to the house apart from the main door, its parts get worn out over time, most likely for everyday use.

As a homeowner, we want our garage door to be efficient and reliable to use since its primary objective is to keep our loved ones and properties safe.

Are you in need of a residential garage door repair in Vancouver?

Vancouver Overhead Doors specializes in repairing and installing garage doors for your residential houses.

We take pride in deploying reliable and trustworthy garage door installers using only the highest quality tools and equipment.

Why Do You Need a Garage Door Repair?

With everyday use, a garage door can wear down and malfunction.

It is one part of the house that is sometimes neglected and set aside most of the time.

In the same way, you call a professional for your broken aircon and other appliances or a plumber for leaking faucets.

A professional is also essential for your garage door issues.

Ensuring that the garage door is in its best condition is our utmost priority to prevent unwanted incidents and elements from coming into our house.

Below are the following reasons why you need a garage door repair:

Avoid Injuries

A garage door weighs more than a hundred pounds.

So imagine being smashed and pinned by it, be it for a person, a pet, or your vehicle.

That is why it is hazardous for garage doors to be kept unrepaired since it may cause a threat to your safety.

So to avoid these unfortunate accidents, conduct proper maintenance for your garage door and call an expert when you think something is not working correctly.

Gaps Between your Door and the Ground

When you see a gap between your carport door and the ground, you should immediately call a repair service.

Not only could it be an opportunity for intruders but also for rats and other small animals to invade your house.

Other elements such as the cold or hot wind during extreme weather can also pass through the gap of your garage door.

Avoid Inconvenience

Imagine you’re running late for work, and your garage door stopped rolling upright in the middle, and your car got stuck halfway.

That could get upsetting, correct?

So to avoid nuisance like this one, make sure that your garage door receives proper maintenance and repair once you notice some defects.

Reduce Damages

Save money and time on costly replacement by having regular maintenance and repairs even with the slightest issues with your garage doors.

Also, make sure that it is working in perfect condition.

Instead of buying tools to DIY, consult experts for proper repairs and maintenance of your garage door.

When Should I Have My Garage Door Repair?

To save money on expensive replacements, consider repairs when you notice the following:

Worn Out Parts

When the parts of your garage door wear and tear, do not ignore the warnings and call for a repair right away.

Broken, rusted, or shattered panels impact the external look of your garage door; that is why you need a repair to maintain the beauty of your curb appeal.


Suppose your garage door receives damages such as a collision with a vehicle or accidents made by nature such as strong winds, floods, and other catastrophes.

In that case, you need a repair or replacement depending on the gravity of the damage.

You may also check with your house or car insurance if these incidents are covered or if the warranty still exists for the garage door manufacturer.

Not Operating Properly

If your garage door completely stopped working or struggled to open or close, some problems could be with its parts.

You could manage it by doing some minor repairs or a total replacement.

It needs an expert to diagnose the issue and determine what needs to be done depending on the severity of the damage.

We understand how important it is to have a properly working garage door to provide you with the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

Turn to Vancouver Overhead Doors for issues regarding your garage door repair and installation.

Committed to providing a high standard of customer service and quality, our employees are just one call away when you need them.

Give us a call, and our friendly staff will be glad to assist you.

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