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    Industrial Garage Door Repair Company

    Garage Doors are essential in keeping both residential and commercial buildings safe and secure.

    Especially for industrial garage doors, it’s crucial in the facility’s operation, security, and convenience to allow your employees to go in and out easily.

    Once industrial garage doors are not working correctly, it can cause downtime, compromises security, and inconvenience in your business.

    The worst case is, you don’t know how to deal with garage door problems.

    You should prioritize maintaining industrial garage doors for your business.

    Hence, you can count on Vancouver Overhead Doors as your reliable industrial garage door repair company.

    We work with commercial garage door repairs for years already.

    We have also seen many kinds of garage door problems, so rest assured we will fix your industrial garage door in no time.

    When to Call for an Industrial Garage Door Repair Company

    So how do you know when to call for a professional? Don’t worry because we have gathered the list of common industrial garage door problems and how to deal with it.

    Industrial Garage Door Fails to Open

    Major components such as springs and cables play a crucial role in keeping your garage door to work correctly.

    If they wear or break, the garage door won’t open and close.

    When these problems happen, schedule an appointment with a garage door repair company near you.

    Once they inspect the issue, they will either conduct a garage door cable repair or a garage door springs replacement.

    Off-track Garage Door

    Particularly with commercial and industrial garage doors, tracks guide the door to move in place.

    Once your door is off-track or damaged, it won’t open and close properly.

    Relying on a professional is the best way to fix this issue since a DIY won’t be sufficient to correctly perform the job.

    It’s best to inspect the issue by a professional to prevent the tracks from causing more damage to other parts of the garage door.

    Industrial Garage Door Creates Noises

    Squeaky, grinding, and cracking noise during the operation is frustrating.

    These issues are most likely from the rollers and hinges because they lack lubrication or show signs of wearing and damage.

    To prevent noises, lubricate the rollers and hinges.

    If lubrication doesn’t help, a professional will inspect the problem and decide whether to repair or replace the parts.

    Damaged Panels

    Damaged panels are a cosmetic issue.

    Luckily, if one of the panels is damaged, only the damaged section is replaced. Hence, this can save you from costs.

    Broken Photo-Eye Sensors

    Sensors keep the garage door from closing if an object happens to be along the door’s path.

    They help in preventing accidents in the operations of your business.

    However, it requires maintenance to keep the sensors functioning well.

    Misaligned and dirty sensors can hinder the door from closing.

    Make sure to align the sensors, and they must be facing each other directly.

    You can watch this video for the procedure.

    For dirty sensors, wipe away the dirt and debris that might be causing the sensors to malfunction.

    If all else fails, a serious repair is needed to bring back the condition of the sensors.

    Faulty Remote Control

    If you tried fixing the sensors and spring, but problems on your industrial garage doors still exist, it’s time to check the remote control.

    Remote control coordinates with the opener to make the door open and close.

    If you find no issues with your opener, your remote control might need a battery replacement.

    Change the battery every 2-3 years to make sure the remote is still working.

    When changing the battery doesn’t work, call an emergency garage door service in Vancouver to fix the issue on your remote.

    24\ 7 Garage Door Repairs in Vancouver

    When it comes to overhead doors, it’s essential to consult a professional to ensure it’s in good condition.

    Addressing the issues by yourself is impossible since industrial garage doors are enormous and are intensive to work with.

    While there are tons of DIY videos on the internet, we still recommend leaving the job to a professional.

    Hence, you need a trusted industrial garage door repair company to do the job for you.

    With Vancouver overhead doors, you don’t have to wait hours for us to arrive.

    Once you call us, we’ll come quickly to inspect the issue and fix it right away.

    We’re open around the clock since we provide 24/ 7 garage door repairs.

    Call us now and enjoy our high-quality service.

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