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For most of us Canucks, especially us of Vancouver, we typically use our garage doors more often than we use our front doors.

More often than most, we tend to take for granted opening and closing our garage doors several times a day, not thinking about its maintenance, or how much we wear it out.

Things like this are pretty normal.

What’s the use of our garage doors if you can’t open and close it a couple of times a day?

Well, this is up until one Monday morning, you end up getting late for work because the garage door won’t open.

There could be tons of reasons why the garage door isn’t opening, but one probable reason is that your torsion spring finally gave up.

Now, what if your garage door spring broke? Give us a call.

But before that, here are the types of garage door springs, reasons why they might be broken, and why we should never attempt to fix them yourself.

Types of Springs:

Extension spring

An extension spring usually comes in a pack of two.

These are springs made out of steel and are designed to be installed right above the track of the garage door.

With the assistance of pulleys and cables, these springs stretch and expand to provide adequate lifting power for your garage door.

Torsion spring

The amount of springs used is normally around one or two depending on the size of your garage door.

These springs are usually mounted above the opening of your garage door on both corners and have cable drums at both ends.

They work using the cables attached to their bottoms to force the springs to be wound up and in turn, energize the system.

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Spring is Broken

Wear Over Time

Have you ever thought about how we could lift something as heavy as your garage door up with only one hand without breaking a sweat?

This is because the garage door springs do almost all of the heavy lifting regardless of whether it is being operated manually or automatically.

The standard average cycle span of your garage door spring is up to ten thousand cycles of opening and closing.

Therefore if you use your garage door around four times a day on average, your springs will last you roughly seven years of usage.


If for any reason rust could develop on your spring, it’s life span will be drastically reduced.

Whilst using your garage door, the coils on the springs produce friction and once rusty, would, in turn, create more friction that would weaken the coils.

This would result in its untimely failure.

Thus, make sure to keep your springs maintained by lubricating it with a silicone-based spray a couple of times a year and getting it checked by professionals at Vancouver Overhead Doors Repair to ensure its durability.

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Fix Your Garage Door Spring Yourself

In the last couple of years, people have been severely injured, maimed, and even killed because of their attempt to fix their garage door springs.

Even some garage door specialists have been hurt due to the tampering of their clients.

Springs are the most dangerous component of a garage door system because they can easily just send themselves and your tools flying like a deadly dart.

Remember these are the things that lift a 200-kilo door.

When left by itself and not fixed immediately, it could be as dangerous as fixing it yourself.

The springs of your garage door are the very components holding everything in place.

Without it, everything could easily just fall apart.

If you have kids or pets running around, they could accidentally cause the door to fall above them and they would have no protection whatsoever from an over 200-kilogram metal door crashing over them.

This scenario is also the same if your garage door suddenly fell on top of your vehicle which would result in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars out of your pocket for repairs.

Did your garage door spring break? Let Vancouver Overhead Doors Repairs help you.

If your garage door spring broke? give us a call right away.

At Vancouver Overhead Doors Repair, we cater to garage door repairs, garage door spring replacement, commercial garage door repair, and any kind of garage door repair in Vancouver.

We value your safety.

Remember, if your garage door spring broke? Give us a call right away!

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