Read All About Our 24-hour Garage Door Repair in Vancouver

Keeping a blind eye on your garage door leaves hidden faults and deteriorating components unchecked.

With that, your garage door may pose more problems if you’re not maintaining it.

More often than not, severe garage door emergencies could happen during the most unexpected times.

To prevent expensive replacements and severe injuries from happening, you’ll want to have a reliable garage door repair specialist that’s one call away round-the-clock.

Here in Vancouver, you have a lot of 24-hour garage door specialists to choose from.

But if you want to avoid unwanted costs and hidden fees while ensuring a high-quality garage door repair, read on to find out.

General Maintenance Tips

If your garage door is behaving well, you can maintain it to prevent further repairs using these essential maintenance tips:

Test Your Garage Door Balance

A garage door only requires a minimum effort to move up and down.

But if it is having difficulty lifting the door, then the springs have worn out and lost their resiliency.

It can stress out the motor on the opener. Replace the spring as needed, which is done by a professional.

Test If The Auto-reverse Mechanism Is Working

Garage doors automatically move up and down when the remote triggers it.

It also automatically lifts the door upon descending when it encounters an object.

If it’s not working correctly, get it fixed immediately.

Check The Rollers And Tracks

Are you regularly cleaning your rollers and tracks?

Don’t you know that you need to brush and lubricate them to make sure they are still working?

It’s time to give them care and attention.

They can also wear, so if it’s working properly anymore, you might need to replace or get it fixed by a garage door repair company.

Monitor Cables And Pulleys

If your garage door is automated and spring-operated, the cable and pulleys may need more attention because it may wear out over time with use.

Worn out cables and pulleys need replacement if they’re not working as usual.

Inspect Hardware

Ensure that the screws, bolts, springs that hold the garage door, and other parts are tight.

Check If The Opener Batteries Need Replacement

Replace the batteries on your remote if you haven’t changed it for a year.

Check Weather Stripping

This is optional but if you have a stripping installed in your garage door, make sure that it’s not damaged.

If it needs replacement, especially if it is between the door panels, ask help from a garage door technician.

If the above maintenance tips do not solve your garage door woes, then maybe it’s time to check other areas that also need attention.

Noisy Garage Door

It can be annoying to find out your garage door creates stupid noises that might disturb your neighbor.

But you can fix it with regular maintenance and replacement of parts.

The possible cause of this is probably the hinges and rollers.

They create noise when it’s worn out.

Freezing Garage Door

A frozen door is a common problem, especially if you’re in Vancouver.

It’s during the winter or coldest months that your garage door won’t budge because of the ice particles manifesting in the corners.

If you’re getting impatient after your garage door refuses to budge, don’t give in to banging it.

It can further damage the garage door opener, springs, gears, and motor.

Instead, melt the ice by using a hairdryer or de-icing products.

You can also remove the ice by using a small shovel or any tool similar.

When you get to successfully open the door, wipe the water on the floor to prevent icing.

Malfunctioning Automatic Opener

The automated overhead door has many different moving parts, including the electrical ones.

If it’s not working normally, call a garage door technician to fix it.


If you have done everything to fix your garage door and still nothing happens, it’s time to call for a garage door technician to do the job for you.

You may have missed some areas that need an inspection, or maybe some fixes are beyond your capability.

Remember that DIY-ing everything is not good if you’re not used to fixing these types of things, such as garage doors.

Know when to call for professional help because you might save more money when doing it.

Besides, it’s easy to find a garage door company in Vancouver because it’s a fully-developed metropolis with many commercial businesses thriving.

For your overhead garage door solutions, Vancouver Overhead Doors is here to help.

Call now at (778) 654 6470 to fix your garage door any time, around the clock.

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